Cześć – Hello, and welcome to One Minute Polish!

Cześć. Mam na imię Ania – my name is Ania and welcome to One Minute Polish. In this podcast I’m going to be teaching you język polski, the Polish language. The great thing about this language course is that you’ll be learning all you need to know in 60 seconds! Yes, each one-minute language lesson will equip you with just enough Polish to help you get by in lots of situations either on holiday or on a business trip to Poland.

Our course will be starting very soon. In the meantime, for more information, you can visit our website on Do widzenia!

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15 thoughts on “Cześć – Hello, and welcome to One Minute Polish!”

  1. Hi, my name is Hyunwoo Sun and I’m listening from South Korea. Congratulations on the launching of One Minute Polish and I’ll definitely be tuning in to learn Polish from this podcast! 😀 Thanks! Looking forward to the future lessons!

  2. Hallo,
    I was looking for some web site like yours since so long 🙁
    My best friend, Monika, is in Poland (Warsawa) and I want to learn Polish to convers with her. Congrats for One Minute Polish… I know now that she will be very pleased about that… his frenchy speaks in Polish lollll…
    Many Thanks to all of you :)))

  3. Great,
    thanks to Ania :=) very nice voice.
    I’m starting to learn Polish and your podcast is really of great help to me.
    … I need to be able to exchange some words with a wonderful woman from Poland :=)
    Congratulations to all the team.

  4. Cześć Ania!
    I think this podcast is a wonderful idea! It is great that Radio Langua has chosen to include such a fantastic language as Polish in the One Minute Languages series! 😉
    However, I was curious about your choice of phrases to pair for hello and good-bye: cześć / do widzenia. One is informal and the other is a more formal.
    Why not go completely informal like (1) cześć / pa, (2) cześć / na razie, or even (3) cześć / cześć? Or completely formal: Dzień dobry / do widzenia?
    Anyway, keep up the good work!
    David Snopek.

  5. Hi, I’m a bit sad … we’ve reached the tenth and last lesson with Ania.
    Will there be any additional lessons after these ones ?
    Question: I’ve bought online your Polish enhanced packet, but where are the announced synchronized flashcards ?
    I did not find them.

  6. Ok, got it ! Synchronized flashcards are the slides that go along the course on iPod screen. Nice ! I did not know that feature.
    :=( still nothing to follow up after the tenth lesson ?

  7. Great course – whats next for Polish, a bit lacking in information especially for those of us who have paid money to you!!
    Look forward to the reply please!

  8. I love this podcast!
    I’ve been waiting for an simple way to learn polish, and this is it. It is amazing!
    I think it is a great idea, but i did notice that with the hello and goodbye, one was formal and the other was not.
    Will there be any more lessons after the tenth?

  9. please i want more & more & more of polish words because i lie this language very much
    Who can help me please ??,
    ……………… thanx very much

  10. the peace be upon you
    Hi i radi saad from libya i was waich the Tv there was a program talk about your site and i like to learn languge so much so i want to visit your and think you for this site


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