We’re rather tentatively launching our new Radio Lingua Store and new Coffee Break Spanish website tonight. After many weeks of work we’re now finally able to release the entire back catalogue of Coffee Break Spanish into the store. We receive emails every day from listeners who would like to buy early episodes of Coffee Break Spanish premium materials, or from listeners who prefer not to use Paypal. Our new store offers “Season Passes” for each unit (lessons 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, etc.) and these are available either as basic passes (pdf only) or as VIP passes which include all the bonus materials for each episode.

The pricing is such that it’s better value to purchase multiple passes at the one time, but you also receive a special coupon code for future discounts on all purchases when you sign up for any of our VIP passes. Our new store can accept credit and debit cards via Paypal and Google Checkout, but please note that it’s no longer necessary to have a Paypal account to buy our premium materials! We’re also delighted that through our new system you can buy the products and immediately access the download page (using the Season Pass option only), meaning you’re no longer relying on a human being to process your membership!

The long-awaited update of the Coffee Break Spanish site was launched tonight and I’m hoping that it will make everything much clearer for our users. The previous CBS site was launched way back in October 2006 and it has been in need of an update for a while. The new site brings CBS in line with Coffee Break French. Now I’ve just got the MDPI and MDPG sites to rebrand!

There will undoubtedly be teething troubles with the new store, so I ask that you be a little patient if there are any problems. We have tested the store but we’ll need to see how it copes with international credit cards and different systems, etc. Here’s hoping…!

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    • carol daniels

      I would like the logo Coffee Break Spanish T-shirts or tank tops (California weather, you know how tough it is out here 🙂 ha ha ha) …

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