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In Lesson 02 you will learn how to greet people at different times of the day and how to say your name.

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    27 replies to "Season 1 – Lesson 02 – Coffee Break French"

    • anwar

      it’s teerific and helpful,

    • vanessa

      fantastic. thanks

    • Debbie

      Thanks for a great series! Very pleasant to listen to you two & I like the pace. Thank you.

    • christel

      J’adore ce site! I love this site! This is amazing! I am 10 and Haitian-American and already knew a lot of French from speaking at home, but in our middle school I started to take French and I want to graduate top of my class in French and so far I can have a steady conversation with a French person!

    • Angel

      C’est tres formidable! Mark is a great voice and personality for this. Merci beaucoup!

      • Lajeunesse Alain

        I’ve just listened to this lesson. I’m French. C’est (très) formidable. formidable is enough.

    • ShayLa

      Since Anna is a girl she would NOT say, “je suis PRETE”…. On the word Prete she would not pronounce the T at the end. It would sound like the word in English,Pray. It is the same as if she were to say I am American …. Je suis AmericainE—- avec the E! you have to pay attention to the feminine and masculine forms otherwise you could be saying I am an American man when really you are an American women and that could be quite embarrassing. Since this program is being taught all over the world, I encourage you to revise your lessons and pay attention to all aspects of the language, not just the surface.

      • Shaun

        Prête is feminine so the T is pronounced.
        Prêt is masculine so the T is not pronounced.

        • Shaun

          Notice that the feminine word Prête has an e at the end so the t is pronounced.
          In French a lot of letters at the end of words are silent.
          So the masculine word Prêt, the t would be silent.

    • Ellie

      perfect thank you!

    • Imtiaz

      Brilliant! Excellent! Had a good session. Merci. Bonne Soiree

    • Imtiaz

      Shayla I am sorry to disagree but Anna WOULD pronounce the T in “Prete”. If you are male then you would not pronounce the “T” and then it would sound like “PRAY”!
      Sorry but thats the the way it is:)

    • Adrian

      Ditto. I’m pretty sure Mark mentioned specifically in one of the earlier podcasts that Prete is used by females and the ‘T’ has to be pronounced. Since Anna is a girl she would have to say prete with the ‘T’ at the end.

      • Shaun

        Yes. A lot of letters at the end of words in French sre silent.
        As prête has an e at the end the t is pronounced.
        The t in the masculine prêt wold be silent.

    • wilfred

      fantastic lessons here. welldone!!!! r there any scripts to go with the lessons? thanks you, this is fantastic

    • Susan

      Merci! – these lessons are just what I was looking for.

    • Neveen

      It is very helpful 🙂 Thank you .

    • jeff miller

      Il me plait.C’est utile. Merci

    • Michalioni

      I am just wondering which level of French would i get after finishing this onlline course.( I mean: would it be A1 or A2 or ever better? )
      You’re doing it very well.Thank you!=)

    • shapoor

      merci beaucoup

    • Chris

      Dear ShayLa,

    • Chris

      Stop trying to correct folks. It basicly says that you think your better than them. So if you got a problem with it, deal with it. The end.

    • Ludmila

      Thank you so much. It is very useful!!!:-)

    • me

      Don’t ya just love how shayla corrects a guy who has used French for ages and lived in France, yet shayla appears to have no qualification or experience to correct anyone?

      • Shaun

        Yes. Shayla is wrong.

    • Jacqueline Hemmings

      Thank you very much for these free lessons in French, Spanish and German. I can read French and Spanish quite well and German up to a point, but I am hopeless at speaking or understanding any of these languages when I am listening to someone speaking them. Hopefully this will change after I have listened to these podcasts. Keep up the good work!!

    • jim twaddale

      At 83 Y.O.A. My school french is NOT memorable BUT, this has stirred many GOOD memories. EXCELLENT.

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