Coming up in this lesson:

In Lesson 01 you will learn how to ask people how they’re feeling and respond to this question.

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  • Lesson notes: detailed explanations of the vocabulary and any grammar points covered in each lesson;
  • Bonus audio lesson: providing further practice of the language covered in a variety of ways

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    65 replies to "Season 1 – Lesson 01 – Coffee Break French"

    • Anna


      The download link seems to be broken?

      • radiolingua radiolingua

        It seems to be working ok for us. Perhaps it was a temporary blip?

    • Henrique Vilela

      Hello! I just love the podcasts! I’ve been traveling all around the world listening to you guys. I think now it might be the time to take a step forward. But first I would like to know if Amazon’s 4 lessons packs offer the same benefits as buying from the website. Thank you and a big hi from Brazil!

      • radiolingua radiolingua

        Obrigado, Henrique! The Amazon lesson packs are made up of the lesson notes for groups of five lessons. If you buy on our site you get access to the lesson notes, bonus audio and our ‘synchronised flashcards’ which allow you to see the words and phrases on the screen of your iOS device while listening. Hope that helps.

    • tristan

      I love this lesson

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    • Natalia

      I love coffee break french! I found it on i tunes just a few months ago and I am totally addicted… I’ve also told all my friends about it! Mark and Ana are just great, congratulations for such an useful tool. Ps. The only downside is Ana’s mis pronunciating the words parler and soleil… Hahahaha.

    • Antonio

      Hi Anna and Mark

      Im a beginner and your job is very good…during my journey until my job im always “drinking” my french coffee with you….and the better of that is because I improve my english also….

      Best Regards

      Antonio Sergio (brazilian living in Portugal)

      • radiolingua radiolingua

        Merci beaucoup – muito obrigado!

    • Caroline

      I love Mark’s personality and would love to have coffee and practice my French with him. So cheery and patient. I’m walking around cleaning my house and talking to the couch, the vacuum, the pillows… “et toi? commet t’appelle TU?” Such a great podcast. THANK YOU

    • Jackie Hamblet

      I purchased Season 2 (awhile ago) but can no longer access it.
      Can you explain the problem. I was under the impression that it didn’t run out.

      • radiolingua radiolingua

        Hi Jackie. Please contact us by email support [at] radiolingua [dot] com and we’ll help you get access to the materials you previously purchased.

    • Anil Paruthi

      hi i love your show

    • HANA

      Hi. Thanks for your great podcast. Where can I download the PDF files?

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