I’ve had hundreds of emails requesting a second stage of MDP Italian and we’re delighted that you’ve enjoyed using this podcast to such an extent. I have to say that there are no immediate plans to develop a second stage immediately, but this may be something we would consider later in the year. In the meantime, would other Italian language content be of interest? Here are some ideas:

• Italian grammar “chunks” – perhaps with some exercises
• Italian vocbulary builder
• Italian verbs: building linguistic confidence through understanding the bones of the language

We don’t have easy access to native speakers for recording purposes, but if you can give us some feedback in the meantime then it will help the longer term planning. Your thoughts are appreciated!

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    19 replies to "More Italian content from Radio Lingua?"

    • Taylor

      Yes to all three!

    • Chad

      I would like all three too, but if that is not possible, the most helpful thing would be a mixture of Italian verbs with conjugations and grammar. Vocabulary would be built up to an extent just using these two.

    • Pam

      I am for all things Italian! I want to become fluent and am using a variety of methods to learn the language. I agree that all 3 ideas sound great. I think the vocab would be the last on my list as I am getting plenty of that already. Right now, it’s verb usage that is my stumbling block – conjugation. But I would appreciate anything. Thanks!

    • rebecca

      I’ll add my wish for another level of italian! And I’d be happy to pay more for it too (even with the poor conversion to aussie$$!)! Or in the meantime, I’d pay a reduced subscription fee to have access to quizes, grammer, written/spoken stories with questions/answers etc to keep our learnings fresh :).
      The podcasts are such an easy way to learn, and the support and pdfs/quizes you provide are just like being in a classroom – but much cheaper, so it’s hardly fair of others to complain if they were occasionally late!
      Thanks again.

    • Andrew

      I’d like to see all three, but I think that would be hard to make. I think that you should make one episode for each category every week, each around 5-10 minutes each. I’m not sure how the premium program would work with that, but I think that you’ll get plenty ideas from this thread.

    • Patricia Lewis

      I’ve been reviewing my MDP lessons in preparation for departure to Italy next week and have come upon a question. What’s the difference between the verbs prenotare and riservare? I see that reserving a table uses the latter while reserving a seat on a train uses the former. Does it matter which I use?

    • luke

      I think all three would be great if possible. I plan to move to italy and I want to become as fluent as possible.

    • Hiroko

      I’m so glad that I could find out this excellent materials! Although my mother tongue is Japanese, each lesson recorded in English is very easy to understand and fun to learn Italian! Please create second stage for all MDP fun!!

    • Nazneen

      Yes, all three would be great! I am new to podcasts and only recently downloaded My Daily Phrase Italian and have found this method of learning to be excellent!

    • Kate

      I have just finished the 20 weeks of MDP Italian. MDP Italian has been a great introduction to the Italian Langauge and has provided me with a springboard to further Italian learning. You have done a great job Mark! I would be more than happy to pay for more Italian Content.

    • Ashley

      In regards to not being able to find native speakers for recording, try TransPerfect. They are a company tht translates written and spoke documents into foreign languages with native speakers. buona fortuna!

    • mehdi

      please put TEXT FILE or PDF for each lesson, on your site.

    • Jason

      when are you guys coming back with Podcasts?

    • joseph

      italian is the best lol since i am italian but i love other languages llike spanish french and german and others since im like alot of things im like everything lol

    • Michal

      Please do more podcasts in Italian! MyDailyPhrase Italian was an invaluable resource to me when I spent time in Italy last year, and I have found no other podcast as helpful. I too would love to have podcasts in all three categories mentioned above!
      So far, I’ve been unsuccessful in finding any other podcast to build the skills in Italian that I gained from MDP and being in Italy, so a ‘next level’ podcast by Radio Lingua would be fantastic.

    • Ulrich

      MDP helped a lot when travelling Italy this year – and i would be glad if sth. similar (emphasis on vocabulary) could be podcasted in the near future!
      And of course I think that it’s great as a free offer – but I would pay for those little extras!

    • Marilyn

      Thought you might like to know that there are people out there still enjoying your Italian podcast.
      I get the impression that it is unlikely that there will be any additional MDP podcasts.
      For me that’s really sad. I was struggling to pick up any of the Italian language until I stumbled upon your podcast. Absolutely brilliant, thank you Mark. Perhaps sometime in the future we will hear from you again. Thanks for everything.

    • Kurt Johnson

      Thank you very much. I have listened to the 100 podcasts twice, and will be visiting Italy very soon. I will recommend the podcasts to others. Kurt Johnson, Des Moines, Iowa, USA

    • JL

      It seems like there is no intention to add newer versions or these 3 different programs, I would really be interested in those, so I hope there is something in the pipeline at Radio Lingua!

      Mille grazie for the 100 episodes so far!!

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