MyDailyPhrase Italian: Lesson 100

Learn Italian step by step, day by day, phrase by phrase. In today’s lesson you’ll round off the course and learn some vital phrases. Spend 5 minutes each day with us and gain confidence in speaking Italian within our 20-week course. You can automatically
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    3 replies to "Lesson 100: Week 20, Friday"

    • PattyN

      I just finished MDP Italian today, having started it exactly 100 days ago. Just wanted to let you know it was extremely helpful 2 weeks ago, on my first trip to Italy. The sections on buying train/bus tickets and and asking directions were absolutely the most critical. There were several times when I had to make up a phrase, and probably had bad grammer, but I was at least able to make myself understood. Mille grazie!!

    • Julia

      Really good course. Congratulations.
      I’m brazilian, so I’m learning both english and italian. Really great.

    • Jordan

      Ciao! Ho iniziato imparare l’italiano tre mesi fa e adesso tutti vedono il miglioramento!
      Whatever 🙂 thank you very much. Precious lessons!

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