Well, that’s My Daily Phrase Italian finished for just now. How did you find it? Do you feel that you’ve learned lots? Give us some feedback here and let us know what you thought.

For Premium Subscribers, there are still a few bonus items that you will be receiving over the next week.

I’ve had many emails about whether we’re going to be going on with a second level of the course. At the moment we don’t have plans to do this, but maybe after the summer I could be convinced… In the meantime check out our German programme and our flagship Coffee Break Spanish podcast. Coffee Break French coming in September!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their enthusiasm about this programme and to say to you all in bocca al lupo for your forthcoming trips to Italy! If you do use your Italian while travelling, remember to let us know how you got on!

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    23 replies to "Allora, è finito!"

    • Sebastian

      Hi Mark now that its summer I will have a chance to listen to My daily phrase Italian I know I will like the podcast and I cant wait for September for Coffee Break French I know I will just love that podcast to

    • Adella

      I’ve really enjoyed these podcasts and hope that you will be back soon with more.
      It would be nice to have some Italian lessons that are more advanced.

    • Carl

      I did not receive the premium version of episode 66

    • Julia

      My Daily Phrase Italian has been (and continues to be, I am just listened to Episode 80) an excellent way to refresh my dusty old Italian and get back into the daily routine of language learning. I love the concept with the short and building lessons and would like to strongly encourage the second level (I, for one, would subscribe to that). Please be persuaded?
      I have definitely learned a lot of specific and useful vocabulary. Thanks a lot for all your great work and have a nice summer!

    • Julia

      Wanted to write: “I was just listening to Episode 80.” Not the greatest multi-tasker me. Anyway, again thank you very much.

    • Dan

      Great course. Really enjoyed it. Any chance of doing the next level?

    • Marie Giannola

      Thank you for your Italian class. I’ve really enjoyed the lessons! Please consider adding a level two course soon. Thanks again!

    • Karen

      Thanks for the great show Mark. I’m learning Italian in the evening while I walk the dog. It’s perfect!

    • Chad

      Mark, I really am enjoying the course. I’m only a little over a third of the way done and feel like I have learned so much. I agree with the others that you really should do a second level after a short break.
      Grazie per tutto

    • Christine

      I’ve really enjoyed learning Italian this way. Are you planning on doing an intermediate level?

    • Koshka

      I keep faithfully checking for the Review Materials that Chad mentions… I’m not going to Italy soon, but I do think we should have received them by now.
      Having whinged a bit, I must say I completely enjoyed the Beginning Italian course, and would pay Premium Price again for an intermediate level Italian podcast!
      Thank you, Mark!

    • Julia

      Salve Mark!
      Grazie mille! Mi piacce “My Daily Phrase Italian”.
      We are heading off to Italy in July and this podcast has been great fun to prepare and I am sure will be very helpful!
      There is already a lot of interest in an Intermediate level… I’d sign up for that one too! Please consider it!
      Thanks again for providing this podcast!

    • Rob Pickles

      Mark i’d quite happily pay for third level! Not because i think i will be at that level any time soon, but because mydailyphrase i have found are the best teachers. I spent about £15 on a Hugo Italian book and after a few listens decided it can collect some dust for a while, as i just don’t have the time to learn the way they teach. With mydailyphrase i can listen whilst walking the dog, whilst i’ve got 20 quiet minutes at work, or two lessons before i fall asleep.
      So please at least do second level of Italian.

    • Rizwan

      Hi Mark,
      this is a great way to pick up the basics of Italian. I am taking my wife to Italy for her birthday and want to surprise her with the amount of Italian i speak. Not only is going to Italy a surprise but once she hears that i can speak it she will be gobsmacked. Can not wait to tell you about the reaction.
      Great Course

    • Rizwan

      Ps do second level please!!!!!!!!!

    • Rizwan

      Hi Mark,
      this is a great way to pick up the basics of Italian. I am taking my wife to Italy for her birthday and want to surprise her with the amount of Italian i speak. Not only is going to Italy a surprise but once she hears that i can speak it she will be gobsmacked. Can not wait to tell you about the reaction.
      Great Course

    • Roy Taylor

      Any sign of the bonus material for the premium members yet? I know you said you were busy but a short note tyelling when they are likely would be appreciated

    • Anthony

      Get a second level done. Thats an order!

    • Rizwan Aboo

      Please do an intermediate course. PS any chance of doing a course like this in Arabic? i know many people who would love to learn the language!!!

    • Rafael Perlmutter

      Dear Sirs:
      I live in Venezuela and as a Spanish speaking person I have traveled several times to Italy and always managed to make me understand or understand the local lenguage, but I planned a trip this June 07 and going every day to my office listened to your podcast (96 lessons in three weeks) and I want to thank you for an excellent job.
      In this trip I understood and made myself understand with practically no difficulty. I also want to thank you for the tips and advices in general in the podcast. Excellent work!

    • Paul Higginson

      I just started MDF Italian about a week ago (have already subscribed). I did French at school and vaguelly remember some of it. Have found the structure of these Podcasts excellent as i have very little spare time. Being able to play these in the car, where i have most spare time so to speak, is brilliant. Also being able to concentrate on one thing at a time for a few mins is brilliant as i have a very short attention span…Am on vacation just now and when i go back to work i plan to start speaking italian with a native italian whom i work with, i think he will be surprised that in two weeks i have picked up so much. Off to Italy in a few weeks too on business and everything will come in useful. Have not got that far but i too would look forward to an advanced version and will be recomending this course and Radio Lingua in general.

    • Agne Bertilsson

      I like your course MDF Italian but I have a problem with some lessons. For instance: All lessons from 75 to 84 where in fact the same, namely number 75. Can you explain that?

    • Julie Anna

      I’ve been traveling around the world with one of my end destinations being Sicily. It was my first trip to meet distant relatives who only speak Italian, so I needed some help before arrival! It was great to have this course on my iPod to learn some basic Italian. Thank you for producing this! Great course!

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