I’m delighted to report that all the premium materials are now available, including the pdf guides and bonus podcasts for weeks 17-20 and all enhanced podcasts. While working through the podcasts I noticed that there were slight problems with lesson 93 enhanced (spelling mistake) and lesson 95 (truncated audio). I’ve replaced the files on the server. These are listed as “replacements” in the podcast feed.

Apologies to everyone for the delay with these materials. I hope that you enjoy using them and that the delay hasn’t spoiled your overall impression of our course.

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    • Gail Kirkham

      How can I access the PDF guides? I just became a member in order to get them, but I downloaded and have been listening to the podcasts for several months. Now I have all the podcasts on my iTunes, but can’t find a way to get the pdf guides. If those are not available, could you please refund my membership fee?

    • Hojjat Nasr
    • mohammad nasr

      go to your home hojjat

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