To all premium subscribers: I just realised today that I’d not done bonus podcast 14. I realised that 15 was due last weekend, but I’d completely forgotten about 14. These will be done over the next couple of days along with their respective pdfs. Apologies for the inconvenience. Things are very busy at the moment and I can only apologise. Mi dispiace molto!

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    4 replies to "Bonus podcasts for weeks 14 and 15"

    • David Jahns

      Thank you Mark. How about the PDF’s for Week 14 & 15?
      My old iPod doesn’t show the words, so I’m dependent on the PDFs for seeing the words, which obviously helps me learn them…

    • Mark Mark

      As you’ll probably have seen on the blog, everything’s now up to date. 🙂

    • Dennis

      I am enjoying your podcast’s and for the first time I feel I can learn a language thanks to your teaching skills.
      I have a query tho’ in week 8 you tell us that to ask which platform is “Quale binario” but in week 10 which gate is “che uscita e`. The word “which” is used in each case but have a different translation. Can you please explain.

    • Annie

      I would like to know how to obtain the PDF files on the Italian lessons?? There does not seem to be much point in becoming a member since there has been no new podcast additions in months. I would like the PDF’s but feel I should not have to pay a membership for them since updates are few and far between

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