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MyDailyPhrase Italian: Lesson 055

Learn Italian step by step, day by day, phrase by phrase.  In today’s lesson you’ll learn about driving in Italian. Spend 5 minutes each day with us and gain confidence in speaking Italian within our 20-week course. You can automatically
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    6 replies to "Lesson 055: Week 11, Friday"

    • Koshka

      Is anyone else having trouble getting the Enhanced version to download? The regular version worked fine but I got the circled ! when I tried to DL the Enhanced. Per favore, aiutami Marco.

    • Mark

      Come sono stupido! I’d forgotten to upload the enhanced version before updating the feed. I’ll update it in iTunes with a “replacement” version. Mi dispiace molto!

    • Koshka

      Non ti preoccupare! Mille grazie!

    • Patricia Lewis

      Mark, I still cannot download the updated enhanced podcast for lesson 55, week 11. The message still says it’s not available on the server.

    • Mark Mark

      Mi dispiace ancore una volta. I’d named the file wrongly in the RSS feed. It should now work and I’ve put a “2nd replacement” in the feed so you should pick that up even if you’ve already tried to download the faulty file. I’ll delete the other files in the next couple of days.

    • Patricia Lewis

      Mark, in the review podcast for week 11, you mentioned to be certain to look at the PDF guide to learn the correct spelling for the bonus vocabulary. I don’t see any PDF guide on the members only class lists. Am I missing something? Per piacere, mi puo aiutare. Grazie.

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