I’ve recently written to all our subscribers about the plans to change some aspects of the Premium Membership of My Daily Phrase Italian. I’ve been working on this over the past couple of weeks and I’m very grateful to all our listeners for your feedback. I’ve now uploaded a sample version of the reworked weekly vocabulary sheet (for week 7 at the moment) to the feed. You can download directly from here (password and username required).

Given that the weekly notes basically covers the same as what would have been covered in daily notes (with smaller text!) I intend now to finalise the reworked version of MDP Italian. This will include:

• Normal mp3 podcasts as before
• Enhanced versions of the same for users with iPods / iTunes / QuickTime
• Weekly review podcast with vocab revision etc
• Weekly pdf guide to all content included in the week.

There’s been a lot to do with MDP Italian and with our other podcasts, hence the slight delay this week. Apologies again for this, but by this evening everything will be fully up to date.

Needless to say, if any subscribers feel that the new range of materials does not match what they originally signed up for, then do let me know by emailing mark [at] radiolingua [dot] com. Given that the weekly pdf guide will contain pretty much everything the daily guide was containing I think that listeners are getting a bonus in the form of the enhanced podcasts. I hope listeners agree.

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    2 replies to "My Daily Phrase Italian – Future plans"

    • Roy Taylor

      The new enhanced podcasts with the weekly pdf sheet is definately an improvement on what was already an excellent podcast. I find the weekly pdf even better than a daily one. I’ll be taking them to Italy with me so that I can give myself a prompt if necessary and having the week’s lesson on one vocab sheet is a lot more concise. Will you be issuing a weekly pdf for weeks 6 & 8?

    • Catriona McCall

      Ciao Mark, you wanted some feedback on week 8, grammar, modal verbs, infinitives. I love it! As much as I enjoy learning the phrases, I NEED the grammar. I’ve been studying Italian for a while now, and when you explained Modal verbs plus infinitives, the light bulb came on! Thanks so much!

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