Felicitazioni! Well done on getting this far! We hope that everyone is enjoying the course and finding it useful. Do you feel you’ve learned a lot? Is the pace too slow? Too fast? Just right? Anything you’ve particularly enjoyed? Anything you’ve not enjoyed?

We hope that you are finding MDP Italian good fun and, if you’re lucky enough to be heading off to Italy soon, we hope that the course is proving to be excellent preparation for your visit.

Give us your feedback! We appreciate all comments.

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    10 replies to "Half way there…"

    • Dmytro

      Hi, I’m a member of MDPI and the bonus week 10 notes don’t work for some reason – I can’t download them in iTunes (it says they cannot be found on the server). Also, the week 2 review podcast keeps skipping randomly (wasn’t really sure where to say this but there you go).

    • Mark Mark

      I’ve now updated the notes for week 10 in the podcast feed. The review podcast will be out by tonight. Re week 2 review podcast, I’ll see what I can do.

    • Dmytro

      Thanks a lot 🙂

    • Rick Fink

      FANTASTIC course! The content, speed, instructor, and knowledge of instructor are unparalelled!! Best money I have ever spent on an education. If only college classes had this informative and inexpensive!! Great Job Mark. Please keep it up!

    • Mark Mark

      Grazie, Rick!

    • Dennis Durack

      I find you have hit the right pace for teaching a language, I have managed to stay the course so far (week 7)and am enjoying it. I have tried to learn a language before but have got bored with it but I am finding this course enjoyable (possibly because I can listen to it on my iPod). I hope if I can complete this course I can go on to learn onother language.

    • Patricia Lewis

      I’m a member of MDPI but can’t get the review podcast for week 10 and also haven’t seen any podcasts for week 11 now that the one-week break is over. Is the problem on my end or have they not been sent yet?

    • Koshka

      I’m happy to see Lesson #51 appear this morning, but I’m wondering if there will be a Review Podcast for Week 10? The puzzles were fun, but I find the lengthy review podcasts extrememly valuable. Thanks for a great program and I’m thrilled the daily podcasts have returned!

    • Mark Mark

      Yes, the reviews will be updated tomorrow. I wanted to concentrate on getting the main podcasts out today and I’ve had a very busy day of meetings so there’s not been the time to get the other stuff up so far.

    • Michele F

      Hi – I’ve tried numerous programs and I am really enjoying this one. Especially the way the phrases are broken down and the pronunciation are broken down into manageable bits. I like how the next day works off the one before it. Thanks! Michele

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