So how do you feel things are going now? You’re a fifth of the way through the whole programme. Do you feel as if you’re learning things? In response to listeners’ comments, I’ve changed things significantly in the past couple of days, so now you just get a very short introduction before the learning content and you’re straight in. Hopefully you like this better!

Premium subscribers get an extra bonus today – a puzzle to check how much they’ve learned in the past four weeks. If you’re interested in subscribing, our special price of £20 GBP will end next Friday, 9th February; thereafter the premium membership will be at its normal price of £25. This covers you for all 20 weeks of the programme and you get daily pdf guides, weekly review podcasts and other little Easter Eggs like today’s puzzle!

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    2 replies to "Week 4 – Comments"

    • Julia

      Thank you! I appreciate the announcements coming at the end of the podcast… I do listen to the sessions over and over again (slow learner??? HAHA!) and that is much better for the iPod.
      Thanks again… this is a great programme!
      Julia :o)

    • Andrew Varipapa

      I am trying to purchase your premium membership, but the security check at the end of the page is not working properly. I enter exactly what is indicated, but it is not accepted. Please advise how to proceed.
      Thank you,
      A. Varipapa

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