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MyDailyPhrase Italian: Lesson 026

Learn Italian step by step, day by day, phrase by phrase. Learn the numbers from 11-20 in today’s show. Spend 5 minutes each day with us and gain confidence in speaking Italian within our 20-week course. You can automatically
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    3 replies to "Lesson 026: Week 6, Monday"

    • Pam Barron

      I have been searching iTunes for a way to comment on this excellent program. It is a very efficient method for learning and Mark is a most compelling professore. I took Italian lessons for a year when I was much younger and still failed dismally on a long trip to Italy. This is a much better way to grasp the essentials. Thank you Mark and My Daily Phrase!
      Pam Barron

    • Mark Mark

      Thanks, Pam. If you’d like to post a review in iTunes then simply find the podcast (it’s no.2 in Education in the US at the moment) and click on “write a review”. Grazie!

    • Dennis Durack

      I am on week 5 and so far I am learning the language quite well I find this a very good way to learn a language. I have tried other courses over the years without much success but find this way of learning very effective and as a 70 rear old that is saying something.
      If the new enhanced podcast can help even more to aid learning and as long as I can do it on my iPod then thats OK.

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