Mdpitalian300Learn Italian day by day, step by step, phrase by phrase with MyDailyPhrase Italian. Join teacher Mark as he guides you through the basics of Italian in daily podcasts over a course of 20 weeks. The podcasts will cover all the language you need to know to get by on a visit to a Italian-speaking country. Podcasts will be published each week day and each episode will only be two to three minutes long, just enough to get a daily taste of the Italian language.

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MyDailyPhrase Italian began on 8th January 2007. However, it’s still possible to download all the previous shows. Just subscribe in iTunes and then “get” the previous shows, or alternatively can download everything from the website. If you want to become a Premium Subscriber, then you’ll have 6 months’ access to our show from the day you sign up. Contact us for more information at italian [at]

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    34 replies to "Welcome to MyDailyPhrase – Italian"

    • Isabel

      Is there a way we can see the words we are learning in print?

    • Mark

      There is, Isabel. The Premium Membership for MDP Italian will begin this weekend. You can get daily pdf guides which introduce the vocabulary covered for each lesson and a weekly review podcast which helps you to practise what you’ve learned during the week. I’ll publish more information in the coming day.

    • Roy Taylor

      Signed up for the Italian premier membership but on logging on found I’ve just paid £20 for the Coffeebreak SPanish course. Not really what I want!

    • Mark

      Roy, mi dispiace molto! I’ve already set up your membership for MDP Italian and have emailed you the details.

    • Roy Taylor

      Thank you Mark for the very quick reply and for putting me on to the Italian premier podcast. My holiday to Italy is in 11 Weeks time and already this is the best £20 I have spent towards it!

    • Rebecca Atwill

      I’ve tried several times to sign up, trying both links to PayPal, and take advantage of the 20 pound offer that ends today (07/02). But it rejects the security code that I enter everytime! I think the course is great and want to get all the bonus material to learn more 🙂
      I sent an email to the support site yesterday but haven’t heard back anything….
      Can anyone help?

    • Rebecca Atwill

      opps, by the way I live in Australia, so not sure if this is part of the problem?!?!

    • Mark

      Rebecca, I’ve emailed you so hopefully this will help. I’m really not sure what is causing the Paypal problems – everything has been working well with Coffee Break Spanish and I’m not sure why the MDP Italian materials aren’t processing as easily.

    • Mark

      I’ve now set up an alternative Paypal link – I hope this one works better for you. Apologies for the inconvenience.

    • Rebecca Atwill

      thanks! Now I’m all set 🙂 caio

    • Lana

      I just started this week and am now up to Day 15. I love listening to the this podcast. I’m learning so much and am positive I will be prepared for my trip to Italy in 8 months!! I just love your voice and accent. The short lessons [and quizzes] make the whole thing so easy to learn. Thanks much! I really appreaciate it!

    • Anna

      Hi, I am really enjoying your My Daily Phrase Italian, what a great podcast! I am having a little trouble with my subscription in I tunes. Some of the episodes are missing in the I tunes feed. The missing lessons are numbers 18, 19, 22, 27, 28, 29 & 30. The odd thing is that lesson 30 was there yesterday, but was gone today. today. I can see these episode on your website, so I am sure they exist. Can I down load them from your website to my I pod? I want to download them to my I pod so that I can listen to them over and over again. If you need to know my location I am in San Diego, California, USA. Thanks for your help in advance.

    • Mark Mark

      Hi Anna. I’ve checked out the feed and I’m really not sure what’s happening in your case. The feed is 100% ok and I’ve checked it in iTunes and other aggregators. All I can suggest is that you unsubscribe to the feed, then resubscribe and this should hopefully force iTunes into seeing all the episodes again. Sometimes episodes disappear if there was a problem while that episode was downloading, eg. you quit from iTunes etc. Good luck!

    • Anna

      Molto grazie, Unsubscribing/resubscribing did the trick. Arrivederci!

    • Roy Taylor

      I’m having the same trouble as Anna but I’m missing Lesson 31 from Monday on the premium feed, how do I unsubscribe/subscribe on this?

    • grazieperitaiiano


    • Gary Olmstead

      Roy —
      Assuming you are using iTunes, click on Podcasts under Library on the left side. You should have My Daily Phrase Italian showing in the center. Click once on it. Down at the bottom there is a button marked Unsubscribe. Click it. When it erases MDP, go to the upper right side of this screen, and select Subscribe. It worked fine for me.

    • dolcezza

      i find this podcast very helpful and mark is an awesome teacher! i listen to it on the way home on the train. i should be good enough for my trip in sept! 🙂 thank you mark!

    • Patricia Lewis

      Thank you for these podcasts. I’ve been working my way through your lessons in anticipation of a trip to Italy this fall and have found them extremely useful. I appreciate the way you build on previous lessons and also appreciate the format of your review podcasts, particularly the chance to translate English to Italian in commonly used phrases. Keep up the good work!

    • Paul

      Wow I cant beleive this site, how brilliant! Congratulations on your work! I have downloaded all the podcasts apart from #34 as the link does not work? Please would you be kind enough to e-mail that specific podcast to me? I would be very greatful!
      Keep up the fantastic work!

    • Julia

      I said it earlier, but it is worth repeating… this is an outstanding podcast!!! Molte grazie! I listen to it on my iPod while I walk to and from work and while I am falling asleep at night… hoping for osmosis!!! We are travelling to Italy in July… this will certainly enrich our experience!
      Grazie e buono notte!!!

    • rubyhugsparks

      Thanks you so much for such a wonderfully easy way to learn Italian. I’m excited to become a member for the other study items.
      We are traveling in June to Italy and wanted to learn the basics. So, to you Mark, I say, Thanks! To everyone else…..Where in Italy will you be traveling?

    • Mary

      Since week 10 review pdf file, no pdf files have downloaded to my itunes. Can you help me? I really love my Italian lesson each day and enjoy the extra premium material in the pdf file.. I hate to miss out on it.
      Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
      Please answer by email if possible.

    • Sheila Kelly

      Hi Mark
      Firstly I must thank you for your excellent daily classes which I and now my husband are studying. David has never before been able to enjoy learning a language. He is a chess master so I guess the language of his brain is underdeveloped! However he is now eger to learn!
      We were wondering about lesson 31 and the translation for the bank? Is it really dove “il banco” and not “la banca”?
      Keep up the good work. Do you have CDs available to buy using your voice? You have the best pronunciation I have ever heard for teaching.
      Sheila Kelly

    • Patricia Lewis

      It’s Monday afternoon 4/30 but I still can’t download the PDF file or the bonus weekly podcast for week 14, nor today’s lesson 71. Are you having trouble with your upload again?

    • Jackie B

      I didn’t find this until recently– in April. I have an October trip planned to Italy. I love the podcasts!
      My question: With the dollar taking a serious beating lately (I’m American), I was wondering if there’d be any more deals on premium membership during the program? The deal from February is still posted in the subscription area, but I assume it no longer works…

    • BCSoHappy

      Well, if there is going to be special deals cut for the citizens of the richest nation in the world, maybe I could line up for a deal too? My country is poorer than her country and even though we are her country’s biggest trading partner, they NEVER cut *us* deals.
      Soo-o-o-o Come one, come all to the special deals offered to Americans and all those poorer than Americans.

    • Mark Mark

      There aren’t any deals specific to any nations and we treat everyone the same here at RadioLingua.
      We belive that £25 GBP is a bargain when you consider that it equates to 100 enhanced podcasts, 20 weekly bonus review podcasts and 20 pdf guides outlining the vocab and grammar covered. Compare it to the many traditional courses out there and I’m sure you’ll agree!
      MDP Italian also offers something that those traditional book or CD-based courses could never offer – a community of learners and extra advice by email, not to mention the extra items we’ll add to the course as time goes on, eg. tests, web-based quizzes, iQuizzes for iPod, and the conversion of the whole series for mobile phone video! All available for our one-off lifetime subscription. We’ll be starting the course again after the summer, and there will be inroductory offers then too.

    • Rob Pickles

      Are there plans to do a mydailyphrase French version? My parents have just bought a place in France and so they really do need to learn the language. I bought a CD and book course for them but my mum has been put off by how complicated it sounds. A week ago i discovered mydailyphrase Italian and it’s pure gold! As Mark suggests to the listeners, i do a bit each day and already i feel like i’ve learned allot. So if there was a French version i’m sure it would be ideal for my mum.
      Also, i wanted to say grazie for letting me download up to the 100 lessons for free. I have Italiano audiobooks from iTunes and feel a bit ripped off because they don’t teach you in a structured and beneficial way, nor even provide pdf! But all i had to go on was a 30 second clip. I’m currently up to lesson 17 and now ready to sign up as a premium memember. But being able to download more than 10 lessons – unlike other podcats – means i know for sure i won’t be ripped off and so your price is a bargain!
      Grazie Millie!

    • Gary Olmstead

      Rob asked about a MDP in French. I don’t work for Mark, but there is a web site for MDP French. It is almost empty; just a placeholder, really, but clearly there are plans. It is at
      You’re welcome, Mark.

    • Sacha Shipwright

      I just found this through iTunes. How amazing! (Although typical that I find it about 3 days before the end of the course!) However, the fact that I can download the whole 100 lessons simply through iTunes is wonderful. My boyfriend’s father is Italian and I would like to learn the language so I can eventually join in conversations when we visit. I was wondering whether you were planning to do a slightly more advanced course at some point? It would be nice to carry on learning after this one…

    • Taylor

      grazie mille, mark! i just finished my 100th lesson. outstanding course.
      some feedback. while you touched on some grammar throughout, i also would be interested to listen to a podcast course focused on italian grammar. it would greatly help beginners like me move to the intermediate level. perhaps something for the next round.
      thanks again and excellent work.

    • Carelle

      Your site is very wonderful and I’m learning a lot. While browsing on the different lessons, i notice lesson 43 inaccessible and lessons 61-62 are not available. Is there anyway I can have them also? Please advice.

    • Sara

      Hi Mark,I’m in Italy now for studying at university.i have promblem for conversation and also studiyng, i wanted to know do u think these courses are useful for me or no?!what do you suggest?because i can’t find any italian courses here in Milan.
      thank you 🙂

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