We’ve now completed two weeks of My Daily Phrase Italian. How are you finding the course? Do you feel you’re learning something? Is the length of the programmes ok? How are you using the programmes? Do you listen every day, or do you save up the programmes and listen to them at the weekend? Let us know what you think by posting a comment here. We’ll be very pleased to hear how you feel you’re getting on!

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    7 replies to "Week 2 – Comments"

    • Jackson

      The podcast is great! I’ve learned so much Italian in so little time. Keep up the good work!

    • Judith

      It’s amazing how much I retain with such short precise lessons as these lessons you offer. I’ve been trying to learn Italian for the past ten years. I even spent four months in Italy hoping that would help. Learning a new language isn’t easy, but your podcast is definitely helping me. I’m hoping you extend your podcast in the event that this one is successful. I would eventually love to go beyond the basics and into intermediate. My goal is to be fluent by 2008. Lofty goal I know. But with your help I think I can get there. Thanks!

    • Richard

      I really enjoy this podcast. The daily lessons are great and I am surprised how much I am learning with these short daily lessons. I hope you will consider extending the podcast after the 100 lessons. By the way, do you know when the german lessons will start?

    • Heather

      These podcasts are great! Thank you so much.

    • Andrew Varipapa

      I am trying to purchase your premium membership, but the security check at the end of the page is not working properly. I enter exactly what is indicated, but it is not accepted. Please advise how to proceed.
      Thank you,
      A. Varipapa

    • Elliott

      Hey, I just recently signed up to my daily phrase, the Podcast is really great! I am on week 2 and doing very well, I signed up because I am going on an Italy trip with my school in October, and hope to impress everyone else with my language skills.
      Keep up the good work!

    • Diana

      My Daily Phrase Italian is excellent so far. Quick, easy to memorise and fun to use. Also fun attempting to roll the r’s like Mark does! Cheers!

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