MdpimemberWe’re delighted to announce that the Premium Membership version of MyDailyPhrase Italian launches today. The Premium Membership features daily pdf guides which explain the language covered in each lesson in much more detail and help you learn to read and write Italian as well as speak it. Also featured in the Premium Membership is a weekly review podcast, published on Sundays, which will help you consolidate your learning and features additional vocabulary also covered on the pdf guides. The overall cost for the 5-month programme is a one-off payment of £25 GBP (approximately $48 USD). For a special introductory period this is reduced to £20. Please note that this is a one-off payment: regardless of when you join the course you’ll only ever pay one payment to Radio Lingua for access to all 100 pdf guides and 20 weekly review podcasts.

By way of explanation we’ve included the pdf guides for lessons 1-5 and the first weekly review podcast in the main feed. Premium Subscribers will subscribe to a special feed which will include all the items. Find out more by visiting our Membership dashboard.

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    15 replies to "Premium Membership version launches!"

    • Sean

      Using paypal would I send you the money in USD (seeing as I’m from the United States) or pounds? Another question I have is if I send you $48 USD will that be enough or should I send an extra dollar or two.

    • Mark

      Salve, Sean. If you sign up to the show Paypal will request the payment in GBP and it will do any conversion from USD required. It may not be exactly $48. If you proceed with a payment you’ll be taken through the steps and you’ll find out the exact amount before you click on “buy” or whatever the word is. It doesn’t matter what currency (if any) you already have in your Paypal account, eg. I can buy things on websites in USD although my balance in Paypal is GBP. Even if I don’t have a balance in Paypal it will take the required amount including the conversion to USD off my credit card. Hope this helps!

    • Dennis Durack

      I have tried several times over several days to sign up for Your Premium Membership but each time I go to pay in the Paypal window I get the reply “Timed Out Please Sign In Again”. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Gary Olmstead

      Dennis —
      Whatever you are doing, it is happening to me also.
      Second problem: if you try to bypass PayPal and pay by credit card, you have to enter a valid address in ENGLAND. California doesn’t seem to cut it.

    • Mark

      I’m sorry you’re having these problems. When I try to replicate them I don’t seem to have problems. I’m not quite sure what to do. Perhaps you could try this link below. It still uses Paypal ultimately as the payment method, but it takes “a different route”.

    • Mark

      NB. when you use the above method the service (Payloadz) thinks you’re downloading a file. It will therefore give you the “download link” but that just takes you back to the “thanks for your payment” page. The bottom line is that I will have received your payment by that stage and I can send out the signup details. Sorry that this is a bit “clunky”, but hopefully it will help in the meantime.

    • Walt

      Mark – The alternative method (Payloadz) for subscribing worked great. Thanks for the help!

    • Gail

      I can not purchase a membership through my credit card, paypal or the payloadz.
      Please help.

    • Drayton

      I also cannot seem to purchase a membership through paypal or payloadz. I love the program and want more and want to pay! What to do? Please help.

    • markymark

      Hi Mark,
      By way of revision, I have been going back through the Bonus Podcasts.
      Listening to the Week 2 Review, I’ve noticed that the sound cuts off intermittently throughout the show, starting right from the “My Daily Phrase Italia(n)” intro, but also completely obscures some of the test questions and answers later on making it very difficult to work with.
      I thought it might just be me, so have downloaded this particular show a few times, but am getting the same result. Any ideas?
      No problems with any of the other shows!

    • Mark

      This problem has been reported by another listener and I’ll look into it. Ci dispiace!

    • Peter Wilkinson

      Hi. I am trying to purchase premium membership but the paypal link does not work, it always displays ‘session timed out’. The Payloadz link does the same thing and the credit card payment link will not accept the verification code at the foot of the page. Please help me to give you my money!

    • Mark

      We’ve had a number of users report similar problems. Unfortunately the problem seems to be a Paypal problem as opposed to our website being at fault. On the Paypal website they suggest various things: have a look at this support document:
      You may also be experiencing problems linked to cookies. Again, there’s more information on the Paypal site:
      I hope this helps.

    • Peter Wilkinson

      Hi. I managed to pay you through paypal, which now seems to be working ok, but I cannot sign in. Any idea what might be the problem?

    • mary

      I have really been enjoying the Italian lessona and am surprised how quickly I am learning. I think I have a rpblem with week seven – I noticed that htere are no worksheets for any of the lessons – is that correct??? Mary

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