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MyDailyPhrase Italian: Lesson 002

Learn Italian step by step, day by day, phrase by phrase. In today’s programme you’ll learn how to say “please” and “thank you”. You’ll also learn the special word used in response to “thank you”. Spend 5 minutes each day with us and gain confidence in speaking Italian within our 20-week course. You can automatically
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    3 replies to "Lesson 002: Week 1, Tuesday"

    • Henway

      In lesson 002, please is inroduced as “per piacere”, and “thank you” as “grazia”.
      I though “please” was “per favore” and “thank you” was “grazie”.
      Which is correct?
      Also, could we get a listing of the vocabulary used on this site. It would be helpful to see the spelling of the word in addition to hearing it.

    • mayra

      Please can be “per favore” or “per piacere” and “thank you” is “grazie”.

    • Mark

      Grazie, Mayra! Thanks – you’ve answered for me. The -e sound in Italian sounds something like -ay in English (depending on English accents!)
      The content of each of the lessons is included in the pdf guides which I’ll be uploading later today. These do form part of the Premium materials, but I’ll post more information about them later.

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