Launch of Coffee Break Spanish

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new podcast, Coffee Break Spanish, aimed at listeners who want to acquire some basic Spanish, but who have very little time to spend learning. By subscribing to Coffee Break Spanish, listeners will receive weekly 15-minute programmes introducing them to basic Spanish and equipping them with enough Spanish to cope on a trip to a Spanish-speaking country, or to converse with Spanish-speaking friends. The show is hosted by teacher Mark, and listeners are encouraged to join student Kara in repeating and practising the language covered.

There are additional materials available which offer pdf guides to the language covered in each lesson, beautifully designed flashcards for your iPod or other compatible media player, and a “top-up” podcast which reviews the vocabulary covered with a musical background. The podcast also features a community forum where users can post questions or practise their newly-acquired language skills with Mark and Kara.

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5 thoughts on “Launch of Coffee Break Spanish”

  1. Where has lesson 25-80 for coffee break spanish gone. On the website it says that there are 80 lessons and i remember that they used to be available. Could someone please tell the answer.

  2. I was using the archive programs and was up to lesson 36. Now the rest of the lessons have disappeared off the itunes screen. The new instructions say, “Beneath the scroller graphics on the homepage you fill find a drop-down menu providing “Direct access to our lessons”. but where the heck is that? I guess I have to wait till winter when the lessons catch up to me.


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