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RLN Guide: Subscribing on your iPad

This help article outlines how Radio Lingua members can use the Downcast app to subscribe to the premium feeds directly from iOS devices including iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The app allows you to subscribe to the premium feed quoted on the members’ pages for our products using your username and password. With Downcast you…

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RLN Guide: Using premium feeds in iTunes

This video will help you access the premium materials for items you have purchased through the premium feed system in iTunes.

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RLN Guide: using ePubs on iOS devices

This video explains how to transfer our lesson guides in ePub format to iBooks on the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. Our lesson guides are available as part of our premium content. Currently only new Coffee Break French, News Time Spanish and One Minute Spanish, Latin American Spanish, Swedish and Ukrainian are available with ePub…

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