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CBI Lesson 201

CBI 2.01 | Ricominciamo! Using Italian -are verbs

In lesson 1 of Coffee Break Italian Season 2 you’ll take the first steps in learning to manipulate the language and say what you want to say! Lesson 1 focuses on regular -are verbs, and you’ll learn to conjugate these verbs in the present tense. Join teacher Mark, native speaker Francesca and learner Isla in…

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Introducing Coffee Break Italian Season 2

Great news: Coffee Break Italian Season 2 will launch on Monday 6th February. In this video, join Mark and Francesca as they talk about what’s coming up in Season 2. To access the free lessons of Season 2, make sure you’re subscribed to the podcast – see the links below. Lessons will be published fortnightly,…

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Coffee Break Italian Season 2 – coming soon!

We’re delighted to report that the Coffee Break Italian team is busy working on the first lessons of Season 2. In Season 2 you’ll be able to take your Italian to the next level by expanding your vocabulary, increasing your understanding of Italian grammar, and building your confidence in using the language. The real focus…

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