Important Information about Coffee Break Apps

Over the past year we’ve been having some issues with a group of developers who have stolen our content and made it available through apps on the iOS App Store, and now on the Google Play Store. The apps use our logos, and our premium content and are a blatant infringement of our copyright.

Unfortunately there is very little we can do about this. We’ve now been through the legal process with Apple on eight separate occasions. Each time Apple finds in our favour and removes the apps, but the developers simply upload the app again within a few days under a different developer account.

These apps are unauthorised and we have not licensed our content in any way to third parties to allow the development of these apps. As a result, we cannot support customers who purchase our content through the apps. We would appeal to the Coffee Break community not to download these apps.

If you have purchased a Coffee Break app through the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store, we would suggest that you apply for a refund through the App Stores. Here’s a link to help you do this for Google/Android and for iOS. By requesting a refund you’ll help to ensure that the developers will not profit from the illegal use of our content.

We would also like to hear from you if you’ve been affected: we’re trying to keep a record of customers affected and further proof will help us to show Apple and Google that this situation is not acceptable. Please forward a copy of your App Store receipt for any in-app purchases you have made for these apps to support [at]

At the moment we do not have an official Coffee Break app, but when this is available, it will clearly state that it is published by Radio Lingua Ltd, and you’ll have heard all about our app through our newsletter and on our website!