News Time Spanish


Course Outline
nts300 Title:
News Time Spanish
Level: Intermediate – Advanced Learners
Presenter: Presented by José Picardo
Number of episodes: Seasons of 10 episodes.
Links: Lesson library | Subscribe in iTunes | RSS | Premium materials
Active or Archive? Active: pilot season ran from May – July 2010

Season 2 started 20 October 2010

Each episode of News Time Spanish features news stories from around the world and helps intermediate to advanced learners develop their listening skills further. The audio episodes for this course are available for free in our Lesson Library. To purchase the full version of this course, click the appropriate button below.

Have you ever tuned into a Spanish-language news programme on tv or radio and wished you were able to understand everything? One of the best aspects of watching or listening to news reports in another language is the fact that you are often familiar with the stories because you’ve already heard them in English. However, news reports are rarely written with learners in mind.

News Time Spanish aims to address these issues: each week we’ll take four or five news stories from around the world, some you’ll have heard and others which will be new to you. We’ll pick up on events happening in the Spanish-speaking world, and we’ll also cover major world events. It won’t just be current affairs: we’ll include reports from the areas of culture, sport, entertainment, technology and human interest. Each report will be presented in straightforward Spanish, and you’ll be able to increase your vocabulary by listening to the episodes.

In addition to the free audio files which are published on a weekly basis, News Time Spanish also comes in a premium form. While you may be the kind of learner who would rather listen to something at ‘normal speed’ over and over again until you’re comfortable with it, other learners may like the idea of being able to slow down the audio presentation. We’ve electronically slowed down the recording and this slow version of the news report at 80% of the standard speed is available to premium subscribers. In addition, we’ve provided the full transcript of each episode, along with key vocabulary in the lesson guide. Finally, each episode comes with an exercise section to help you practise the language contained and build your comprehension skills further. Of course, we also provide an answer key for the exercises. From Season 2 onwards, we’re providing the lesson notes, exercises and answer key in ePub format for use on iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad through the iBooks application.

If you’d like to have a listen to a sample slow version of the audio file, please click here. Remember that this file has been digitally slowed down, so it’s not meant as the main audio file you listen to, rather as an aid to your comprehension before returning to the normal speed version.

If you’d like to view a sample lesson guide, click on the image below to open the guide for the episode dated 17 May 2010.



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