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Improve your Spanish with the Coffee Break Spanish Magazine

Our new magazine show is aimed at intermediate Spanish students who already have a grasp of the language but who want to take it further. The show is published in weekly episodes and features the following segments:

  • improve your listening skills through live interviews from the streets of Spain with native Spanish speakers from around the world;
  • have your questions answered by expert teacher JP and native speaker Nahyeli;
  • develop your knowledge of the language and culture of Spain and Latin America through dialogues with native speakers.

Each season of the magazine features ten lessons. Season 1 was published in autumn 2012. Season 2 starts 27 April 2013.

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In the video above, Coffee Break Spanish teacher and presenter Mark explains what is included in the premium materials for the Magazine. For a one-off price of £23.00 GBP per Season Pass you can access lesson packs for the ten shows of each season as they become available based on the weekly publishing schedule. The premium materials include:

  • an extended audio show which provides a line-by-line analysis of the interviews featured in the episode;
  • the exclusive video show which features the video content of each lesson with subtitles in Spanish to help you make the most of these resources;
  • lesson guide including detailed analysis of the text, full transcripts and additional material where appropriate. This lesson guide is offered in pdf format and can be viewed on your computer, iPad or printed out.

To purchase the premium content, click the button above, or log into your Control Panel if you’re already a member.

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