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Course Outline
mdpi-09-300 Title:
My Daily Phrase Italian
Level: Complete beginners
Presenter: Presented by Mark
Number of episodes: 100 episodes of 4-5 minutes each
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Active or Archive? Original broadcast January-May 2007. Original version available in archive; remastered version in production.
If you’re planning a trip to Italy then this course will provide you with a perfectly structured learning experience and introduce you to basic Italian. Produced in daily lessons which last 20 weeks, the course covers all common travel situations and learners will be able to communicate effectively with native speakers to make friends, buy things, order food and drink, check into a hotel, etc.

My Daily Phrase Italian has been immensely popular in iTunes since its original launch back in January 2007. This is Italian, step by step, day by day, phrase by phrase. We are currently reworking the course and hope to release a completely revised and rematered edition in summer 2009. In the meantime the existing version of the course can still be purchased below.


The premium version of My Daily Phrase Italian includes daily lesson guides for weeks 1-6, and then weekly lesson guides for weeks 7-20. The lesson guides list all the vocabulary covered on the course. Enhanced podcasts are provided for lesson 31 onwards, and there are weekly review podcasts which help listeners test themselves on what was covered over the course of the week. The slight inconsistencies in materials came as a result of listeners’ requests during the original run of the show. These inconsistencies will be addressed in the revised version of My Daily Phrase Italian, available later this year. Given these issues, the entire premium version of the course is available for a special price of £33 GBP (+ VAT for EU customers). For an approximate equivalent in your own currency, please use our currency convertor.

Listeners’ testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – read what My Daily Phrase Italian listeners have to say about the show. All reviews are taken from iTunes UK and US. If you’ve been learning with us, perhaps you would consider writing a review in iTunes yourself.

This podcast makes learning Italian really quite simple. Mark gives you a few phrases or words to learn each day that are in a short and manageable five minute slot. While vocab sheets and reviews for the week’s lessons are only available to premium subscribers, I believe after seeing the first week’s instalment they are well worth the money. Mark is engaging to listen to and makes learning the language easy if you have the time to listen to the podcast just twice a day. Domerlingo, iTunes UK, February 07

A big hit in our house! Subscribe to this – it’s practical, easy to learn from and amazingly the stuff actually sticks! I have enough time on my journey to work in the morning to play the day’s lesson three times. So by the time I hit the office I am ready to annoy all my colleagues with my new Italian “phrase of the day”.  Witleywilds, iTunes UK, May 08

I have paid the big $$ for different Italian language materials, and this has done a better job in 2 weeks of day-by-day, phrase-by-phrase work than all of those combined. I actually find myself thinking the Italian answers in my head during daily conversation. You can’t beat the price (free) and the premium subscription is also well worth the $$. I’m going to Italy on my honeymoon next year, and I have finally found the tools to help me get by confidently while I’m there. Molto grazie!  Mr.Pinkerton, iTunes US, February 07


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