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Course Outline
wtlfrench-300 Title:
Walk, Talk and Learn French
Level: Beginners – Intermediate: all students of French Grammar
Presenter: Presented by Pierre-Benoît and Mark
Number of episodes: Series of ten videos in 7-9 minute episodes
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Active or Archive? Active: started January 2009, ongoing
This course introduces French grammar in a completely different way. Each lesson combines footage from the streets of Paris with studio-based presentation of grammar points. Lessons last between seven and ten minutes.

One of the best ways to learn a language is to look around you! Language is everywhere – you just need to open your eyes. But it’s not always possible to travel to the country and experience this for yourself – and that’s where we come in. With Walk, Talk and Learn French we’re bringing this experience to your computer, your iPod, or your mobile phone. Join Pierre-Benoît in the streets of Paris as he talks about the language he sees on posters, adverts and notices. Back in the studio, Mark explains the grammar points covered in more detail, providing the perfect combination of authentic French in action. The video below provides further information about what you can expect in each episode of Walk, Talk and Learn.


Use the button above to access the free video files available in our lesson library. Topics covered include avoir expressions, the imperfect tense, adjective agreements, conditional sentences and many more. Some viewers have asked us why we choose particular points of grammar. Walk, Talk and Learn French is 100% authentic and is based entirely on what adverts and posters we find on our shoots in Paris. If there’s an interesting grammar point, we’ll make an episode about it!

Premium materials

On the completion of series 1 of Walk, Talk and Learn French (lessons 1-10) we’ll be making a full set of lesson notes available which provide further explanation and exemplification and useful worksheets which will help you master the points covered in each lesson. These will also be available in an education pack for schools.

Viewers’ testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – read the reviews about Walk, Talk and Learn French from iTunes UK and US. If you’ve been watching the series, perhaps you would consider writing a review in iTunes yourself.

This is a really good tool that will help you with your French. Since it’s filmed on the streets of Paris you get to actually look at everyday French phrases, sentences, etc. What is really great is that when they’re showing you a sentence, they pause and go over it in detail. I highly recommend this podcast. augl05, iTunes US, January 09.

Great New Way to Learn French! Wow, this podcast is new, innovative and great. Merci beaucoup, Radio Lingua! HPfangirl44, iTunes US, January 09

A new way to learn. Walk, Talk and Learn French is just such a fun and educational method of learning! Each episode provides something useful and constructive, which certainly helps me for GCSE French. I also admire Pierre’s enthusiasm, as he makes it much more exciting. Well done guys and keep them coming. Fudgey1, iTunes UK, March 09

Wow, Walk, Talk! What a great series. I’m visiting France soon and wanted something to re-awaken my schoolboy French. This is fab! It is quite tricky for absolute beginners, but I really enjoy the enthusiasm. Well done. Toekaq, iTunes UK, April 09

Simply Superb! What a great idea for a podcast. Real world applications of French that also allow you to get a taste of the world and culture of everyday France, all explained in a clear and concise way. xeramos, iTunes US, April 09

Grammar is actually fun for once! I LOVE Walk, Talk and Learn French! It teaches you real French in everyday situations. I’d recommend it for intermediate French speakers. I’m studying French at A-Level, and it’s perfect for revision. I bet it’d be great for GCSE students too. FraisePomme, iTunes UK, February 09

Great Podcast! I’ve been following a number of Radio Lingua’s podcasts for a couple of years now, and it’s great to see them expanding and doing a video podcast! It’s a cool idea, well implemented, beautifully done, and very educational. As an aspiring polyglot, I love Radio Lingua: they’re an excellent company with many extremely well done resources, and Walk, Talk and Learn French is a great addition to their already great lineup. One Cool Grandpa, iTunes US, Jan 09