Rock Star French

rockstarfrench-600Rock Star French is a course in French for budding rock stars at Primary School. This page provides a list of all the words and phrases included in the course, and access to the audio files allowing pupils at participating schools to listen to the audio materials they have used in class.

Usernames and passwords

You’ll need a username and password to access the audio files below. If your school has access to the Rock Star French course, we have sent login details to your school. Ask your teacher for these login details so that you can practise your French at home. You can even right-click (control-click on a Mac) on the files below and add them to iTunes or whichever application you use to manage your music.

For teachers

Are you interested in using the Rock Star French course with your class? The course has been developed to help motivate younger learners to learn the basics of French, and to give them a context in which to practise the language they are learning. Groups of learners can take on the role of a rock band, aiming to tap into the lucrative French market. Of course, to impress their French fans – and ultimately to sell more records – they’ll need to be able to communicate in French. The full course provides audio and video episodes which can equip your pupils with enough French to cope with a radio interview and to communicate with their French-speaking fans. If you would like to purchase Rock Star French for your school, please contact us.

Part 1A

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  • bonjour hello, good day, good morning
  • ça va? how are you?
  • ça va bien, merci I’m well, thanks
  • je suis fatigué(e) I’m tired
  • à cause du concert d’hier soir because of last night’s concert

Part 1B

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  • comment vous appelez-vous? what are you called?
  • je m’appelle … I’m called… / my name is…
  • notre groupe s’appelle … our group is called …
  • je joue de la batterie I play the drums
  • je joue de la guitare I play the guitar
  • je joue du clavier I play keyboards
  • je joue de la basse I play bass
  • je chante I sing

Part 1C

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  • quel genre de musique faites-vous? what type of music do you play/make?
  • on fait du rock we make/play rock music
  • on fait du hip hop we make/play hip hop
  • on fait de la musique pop we make/play pop music

Part 2A

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  • vous aimez la France? do you like France?
  • oui, on aime la France yes, we like France
  • les Français sont très sympa French people are very nice
  • les Français aiment notre musique French people like our music
  • la nourriture française est délicieuse French food is delicious

Part 2B

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  • pouvez-vous nous jouer une chanson? can you play a song for us?
  • cette chanson s’appelle … this song is called …

Part 2C

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  • il reste des tickets pour le concert there are tickets left for the concert
  • allez sur notre site Web go on our website

Part 2D

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  • merci de votre visite thank you for your visit
  • bonne continuation I hope things continue to go well for you

Part 3

Download audio file

  • Practise all the phrases from the course with the Hard Rock Review.

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