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Welcome to the members’ area for One Minute Spanish. If you have joined our membership system you will be able to download the files below using your username (lower case) and password (case sensitive) when asked.

To download any files, please right-click and save them to an appropriate place on your computer. If you have not purchased a Season Pass for One Minute Spanish then you can sign up here, or find out more about One Minute Spanish. If you are already a member of our system, please log into your Control Panel to add the Season Pass for One Minute Spanish to your membership.

Option A: Premium iTunes feeds

Subscribing to the Premium Feed in iTunes
To subscribe to the premium feed in iTunes, click on the link below. If iTunes is correctly configured on your computer, this link should take you straight to the premium feed and start downloading the most recent item.
Copy and paste this url into the “Subscribe to Podcast”
option in the Advanced menu of iTunes:

Option B: Manually download premium materials

To download any item below, please right-click (control-click on a Mac) and save it to an appropriate place on your computer.

Lesson guide
Lesson 01
Lesson 02
Lesson 03
Lesson 04
Lesson 05
Lesson 06
Lesson 07
Lesson 08
Lesson 09
Lesson 10

Option C: download ePub for iOS devices

The ePub file below can be used in the iBooks app on iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. Please note that this file must be manually downloaded, added to iTunes and synchronised to your device in order for it to be used in iBooks. You also need to make sure that you’ve downloaded the iBooks app for iOS: more information here. Our ePub file includes both the text of the lesson guide and the videos embedded in the ebook, so it’s the best of all worlds.

ePub ebook

ipad-epub1 ipad-epub3

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