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Welcome to the members’ area for My Daily Phrase Italian. We have started to rework the My Daily Phrase Italian course, and a new version will be available later this year. In the meantime, members can purchase the course and access the materials from this page.  Please note that since the files below belong to the original version of My Daily Phrase Italian, first released in January 2007, episodes 1-30 are in mp3 format and are accompanied by daily pdf guides. Episode 31-100 are enhanced podcasts in m4a format and from week 7 onwards we published weekly summary guides instead of the daily guides in response to requests from listeners.  If you are not a member, you can purchase My Daily Phrase Italian here. If you already have a Radio Lingua membership, log into your Control Panel to add My Daily Phrase Italian to your products.

Access the materials

My Daily Phrase Italian
Lessons 1-50
Download zip file of audio lessons in mp3 (1-30) and m4a (31-50) format.
Lessons 51-100
Weekly reviews
Lesson guides

Notes and helper applications To view pdf documents, please use Adobe Reader (PC/Mac) or Preview (Mac). All mp3 files can be downloaded to your computer and played in a number of applications. To copy to iTunes, right-click on the files above and “save as…”, saving them to an appropriate place on your computer. You can then drag the files to iTunes and synchronise to your iPod as required. The enhanced podcast files can be played in iTunes, on iPods and QuickTime Player. There are further details in the lesson guide as to how to use the enhanced podcasts in iTunes. Note that the files above are zipped archives. When you download the file to your computer you will have to “extract all files”. This can be done by choosing the extract all files option in Windows Explorer, or on a Mac by control-clicking and selecting “uncompress”, if unzipping does not happen automatically.

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