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Welcome to the members’ area for Coffee Break French Level 2B. The files on this page belong to level 2B of the course which includes lessson 61-80. They can be accessed by listeners who have purchased one of the following products:

Please note that your password will only work for the files which are part of your subscription. Please note also that when asked for your username and password, your username must be entered in lower case and your password is case-sensitive.

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Premium iTunes feeds: one-click method

Our premium materials can be downloaded automatically in iTunes. Please follow the instructions below to ensure you access the correct materials.

  1. Make sure you’ve downloaded iTunes.
  2. First, try the one-click method listed in the table below. Having purchased a membership, click the appropriate link below and you should be taken to your podcast listing in iTunes where you’ll see a new podcast: eg. RLN Coffee Break French Level 2B Gold (lessons 61-80). If this doesn’t work, follow the instructions for the ‘manual method’ below.
  3. Note that it is useful to click on the “List view” in order to see the episodes more clearly, as shown in the image below.
  4. Depending on how your iTunes is set up, you’ll probably just download the most recent item in the feed, which is likely to be a set of instructions.
  5. You should then click on the expand triangle, as shown below. This will reveal the list of files available to you.
  6. You can now click the ‘get all’ button in order to download all the files available in your membership automatically.

Premium iTunes feeds: manual method

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Access the materials

Click below OR copy the text below and paste it into “Subscribe to podcast…” in iTunes.
Bronze One-click http://radiolingua.com/thevault/premiumfeeds/cbf-2b-premium-bronze.xml
Silver One-click http://radiolingua.com/thevault/premiumfeeds/cbf-2b-premium-silver.xml
Gold One-click http://radiolingua.com/thevault/premiumfeeds/cbf-2b-premium-gold.xml
Level 2 Complete One-click http://radiolingua.com/thevault/premiumfeeds/cbf-2ab-premium.xml
CBF Complete One-click http://radiolingua.com/thevault/premiumfeeds/cbf-12ab-premium.xml
Level 2 Platinum add-on One-click http://radiolingua.com/thevault/premiumfeeds/cbf-2platinum-premium.xml

Access the materials

If you prefer to download individual files, please use the tables below.


Platinum Members Only
Download Level 2 Workbook (17 exercises):
Download Level 2 Answer key (17 exericses):
Download Level 1 Wordlist French-English:
Download Level 1 Wordlist English-French:

Complete list of files

Since the premium content can be downloaded automatically in iTunes, this list is provided only for situations where you require to download individual items again, or for those listeners who prefer to download manually. Please note that the basic and enhanced editions of each podcast are based on the same audio content. The difference is that on the enhanced edition you can view the ‘flashcards’ on iTunes, iPod or QuickTime.

Level 2B
pdf Lesson Preview

Notes and helper applications
To view pdf documents, please use Adobe Reader (PC/Mac) or Preview (Mac). All mp3 files can be downloaded to your computer and played in a number of applications. To copy to iTunes, right-click on the files above and “save as…”, saving them to an appropriate place on your computer. You can then drag the files to iTunes and synchronise to your iPod as required. The enhanced podcast files can be played in iTunes, on iPods and QuickTime Player. There are further details in the lesson guide as to how to use the enhanced podcasts in iTunes.


  • Alan D'Augustine

    Reply Reply September 23, 2009

    Dear CBF.
    Just fyi, the lesson 66 podcast (premium materials) came through partially complete.
    The materials did not automatically download to my i tunes either. When I tried to obtain lesson 66 from i tunes, the feed initiated a new folder, apart from the first 65 lessons.
    I have not changed anything here… maybe you have received this information from others…
    Excellent stuff, tho’.

  • Alan D'Augustine

    Reply Reply September 27, 2009

    I guess you are always working to improve the services you provide.
    I see the pod cast is complete for lesson 66.
    As ever, the content is very good.
    Last night I saw the film “Paris.” I found I could identify many of the key words and short phrases in the film. Of course, I owe it all to CBF.

  • Lindsay McGibbon (Mr)

    Reply Reply September 29, 2009

    Bonjour, Mark, Anna and the backroom boys,
    Keep up the good work but I am right at your back on CBF level 2B and now at lesson 64. I have found your site the best, mainly due to detailed explanations of the use of words/phrases and grammar, especially in relation to auxiliary and reflexive verbs. I will now go back to the late Michel Thomas and go through his work until you have time to produce further episodes. Also I have found a mentor of French origin who I visit every 2/3 weeks for a wee chat en francais.
    Good wishes,

  • radiolingua

    Reply Reply October 12, 2009

    Sorry for the slow updates – with our site and server problems it has been difficult to update the website without losing content. We’re hopefully almost there with our migration and i’ve updated the list above with the content for lesson 67 which is available so far.

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