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Welcome to the members’ area for our Coffee Break French Express mini series. If you have purchased one of the Coffee Break French mini series you will be able to download the files below, based on which series you have purchased. Please note that your password will only work for the files which are part of your subscription. Please note also that when asked for your username and password, your username must be entered in lower case and your password is case-sensitive.

The Coffee Break French mini series provides additional listening practice in French and is aimed at learners who have some knowledge of French already. The conversations featured are similar to those in lessons 31-40 of Coffee Break French, but are more developed. These materials are not aimed at complete beginners. See below for further details.

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Coffee Break French Express: Mini Series 01

This series of three 15-20 minute lessons focuses on a conversation between Coffee Break French teacher Mark and Mélanie from Strasbourg. Topics discussed include jobs, pastimes, languages, Strasbourg and the surrounding area.


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To view pdf documents, please use Adobe Reader (PC/Mac) or Preview (Mac). All mp3 files can be downloaded to your computer and played in a number of applications. To copy to iTunes, right-click on the files above and “save as…”, saving them to an appropriate place on your computer. You can then drag the files to iTunes and synchronise to your iPod as required. The enhanced podcast files can be played in iTunes, on iPods and QuickTime Player. There are further details in the lesson guide as to how to use the enhanced podcasts in iTunes.

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