Coffee Break Italian

What will the course contain?

In Season 1 of Coffee Break Italian, there will be forty lessons which will help you develop a solid foundation in the language. In each lesson the team of teacher Mark, native speaker Francesca and learner Katie will guide you through a range of topics and you’ll acquire a sound understanding of Italian.

Coffee Break Italian Season 1 is aimed at complete beginners, but through the forty lessons you’ll build your confidence and you’ll soon be able to use Italian confidently with native speakers.

What will the course contain?

Coffee Break Italian is like going for a coffee with your friend who happens to speak Italian and is helping you to learn in a relaxed, enjoyable way. Then add a solid structure and carefully constructed pedagogy which ensures that you progress through the lessons and build on previously-learned materials.

Coffee Break Italian is not a simple series of “listen and repeat” audio programmes: in each lesson Mark and Francesca explain how the language works, helping learner Katie – and you as the listener – to manipulate the language and use it in practical situations.

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About the premium version

As with all our courses, we’ll be releasing free audio lessons on our website, on iTunes and on Soundcloud. However, to get the most out of Coffee Break Italian you can purchase the premium version of the course which includes videos, lesson notes and bonus listening materials.

By using these additional materials, you’ll make faster progress and you’ll learn about how the language works, how words are written, and how to use Italian in a range of situations.

Coffee Break Italian Season 1 Complete costs £79.00 (inc VAT for EU customers), or approximately $112.00 USD (excluding VAT) for non-EU customers. This means that each lesson costs justs £1.65 ($2.80) – a lot less than a coffee at your favourite coffee shop!

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If you know you’ll enjoy learning Italian with Coffee Break Italian, why not take advantage of our special Winter Sale and save 15% on the cost of the course. We’re offering this pre-order option in response to requests from our community of learners.

Please note that Coffee Break Italian does not launch until 26th January 2015 and it will be published in weekly episodes from that date. If you choose to take advantage of this special price, you should be aware that you will be charged now and you will receive the first content on 26th January 2015.

To save 15% on Coffee Break Italian, use coupon code WINTER2014 at signup.

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Any questions?

Let us know if you have any questions or comments about Coffee Break Italian. We hope you’re looking forward to the launch as much as we are!


  • John

    Reply Reply December 20, 2014

    Looking forward to starting CBI.
    Will forty lessons take forty weeks from 26 January before you launch an intermediate series or is there a more frequent issue?

    • radiolingua

      Reply Reply December 20, 2014

      Hi John. Yes, we’ll be publishing weekly in blocks of 10 lessons, so lessons 1-10 will be published January-March, lessons 11-20 in April-June and so on. A second season of Coffee Break Italian would not be released until Season 1 is complete in December 2015. Hope that helps.

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