High Five French

Introduce your son or daughter to the French language: join learner Emma and native French speaker Mathilde in this innovative video and audio resource created especially for younger learners.

About the course

High Five French is a course aimed at younger learners of French. It features lively and enjoyable video and audio materials, activity sheets and challenges to encourage children to develop their confidence in speaking and understanding French. Through the short video lessons and audio podcasts, your child will be introduced to the French language and build his or her comprehension gradually through the carefully designed course.

What's involved

The course features forty lessons covering a range of common topics and language structures such as greetings, names, numbers, birthdays, days of the week, family, directions, clothes, likes and dislikes, sports, food and much more. Your child will learn to use French words and phrases by following Emma and Mathilde in the lessons.

  • Engaging formula

    High Five French is presented by Emma and Mathilde. Mathilde is a native French speaker who lives in France and is helping her friend Emma learn French. Your child will learn along with Emma and Mathilde.

  • Perfect for young learners

    High Five French appeals to younger learners. Emma and Mathilde are not cartoons or teddy bears: they’re real children and learners can easily identify with them.

  • Built-in authenticity

    It’s not always possible to travel to a French-speaking country, so we’ve filmed the entire series in France, and your child will experience authentic French locations throughout.

Worksheets for children

When learning a language it's important to practise regularly. Our two printable activity sheets for each lesson will allow your child to do just that. The activity sheets include fun puzzles, word searches and matching games, helping your child consolidate the words and phrases covered in the lesson.

Notes for parents

Even if you don't speak a word of French, you'll be able to help your child with High Five French through our transcripts and comprehensive lesson notes for parents. There are explanations of all words and phrases covered, plus background and cultural information for each lesson.

Each lesson contains:

  • Video episode

    The video episodes are the main focus of each lesson. In the videos, Emma and Mathilde present the language, encouraging your child to try to repeat the words and phrases. The video episodes are around just four or five minutes long, so your child can watch them over and over again, consolidating the language all the time.

  • The Radio Show

    In addition to the video episode, we’ve also included an audio podcast which gives your child the chance to practise the words and phrases covered in the video lessons further. The Radio Show also features a musical review and bonus words and phrases.

  • Activity Sheets

    The Activity Sheets provide written exercises in the form of puzzles, games and matching activities. The sheets have been designed in line with the rest of the series and are colourful and enjoyable to complete.

  • Notes for parents

    Each lesson comes with notes for parents which include detailed explanations of all the words and phrases featured in the lessons, close-up notes on the patterns and any grammar points included, and everything you need to help your child learn the language.

The You Try! Challenge

In each episode Mathilde invites viewers to try to repeat words and phrases in French by saying "You try!" and we have taken this idea a stage further in the You Try! Challenges: projects and tasks which will give your child an opportunity to build their confidence in the language while extending their learning across different areas including technology, craft, numeracy and presentation.

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