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Season 3 – Lesson 05 – Coffee Break Spanish

Coming up in this lesson: In episode 5 of Show Time Spanish we launch our very own Spanish soap opera, Verano Español, which tells the story of Spanish dad, Antonio, Scottish mum Iona, and bilingual daughter Laura and their adventures one summer in Spain. Each episode will provide you with listening practice, language study and…

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Interesting video review of Coffee Break Spanish

This video review of Coffee Break Spanish is a really good introduction to what the course offers. The only issue we have with it is that, despite what they claim on the video, Radio Lingua is NOT owned by one of the major television networks!! As we’ve said many times before, Radio Lingua is a…

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Season 3 – Lesson 04 – Coffee Break Spanish

Coming up in this lesson: In this fourth episode of Show Time Spanish, Mark has just returned from a week in London and he discusses the advantages and disadvantages of living in a village, town or city with Alba. We also meet Laura from Verano Español, our forthcoming soap opera. In José’s intermedio he introduces…

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Season 3 – Lesson 03 – Coffee Break Spanish

Coming up in this lesson: This lesson was originally released in October, so in lesson 3 of Show Time Spanish, Alba tells Mark about a Halloween party she attended. They discuss the traditions of Halloween. In the intermedio José provides two alternative ways to say that you’re tired. Grammar points include reflexive verbs in different…

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Season 3 – Lesson 02 – Coffee Break Spanish

Coming up in this lesson: In our second episode of Show Time Spanish, Mark and Alba talk about languages and their own language skills. In the intermedio, José provides two phrases which can be used to tell someone that they are annoying you. Language points include progressive tenses using estar + gerund, and a particular…

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Season 3 – Lesson 01 – Coffee Break Spanish

Coming up in this lesson: Welcome to this first episode of Show Time Spanish here on the Coffee Break Spanish feed. As we explained yesterday we’re going to be releasing our existing Show Time Spanish series on the Coffee Break Spanish feed while we’re working on new materials for intermediate/advanced learners of Spanish. In this…

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Coffee Break Spanish future plans

As you all know, Coffee Break Spanish level 2 came to an end with lesson 80 and we’re planning to follow up the course with similar content to our Season 3 of Coffee Break French. However, we’ve only just started working on this content, so it’s likely that it will be available later in the…

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Season 2 – Lesson 40 – Coffee Break Spanish

Coming up in this lesson: It’s the end of an era: the final episode of Coffee Break Spanish. In the final lesson of Season 2, it’s time for las despedidas, the goodbyes. Andrew will be returning to England and bidding farewell to María-José, and Mark and Kara will also be saying adiós to the listeners…

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Season 2 – Lesson 39 – Coffee Break Spanish

Coming up in this lesson: It’s the penultimate episode of this season of Coffee Break Spanish and we continue to follow the adventures of María-José and Andrew as they come to the end of their time together in Spain. This week Andrew is signing up for his course in the ayuntamiento and needs to ask…

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Season 2 – Lesson 38 – Coffee Break Spanish

Coming up in this lesson: This week María-José and Andrew discuss their plans for the following week when Andrew’s friend arrives in Spain and María-José will be attending a conference in Madrid. In this episode we introduce the concept of the subjunctive, something which often confuses language learners. You’ll learn how to use the subjunctive…

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Season 2 – Lesson 37 – Coffee Break Spanish

Coming up in this lesson: In this episode María-José tells Andrew about her visits to the Canary Islands. She uses lots of examples of the imperfect tense to describe what she used to do when she went there several times when she was younger. Apologies to all our listeners for the delayed publication of this…

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Season 2 – Lesson 36 – Coffee Break Spanish

Coming up in this lesson: We’re returning to another episode featuring María-José and Andrew this week in which María-José will ask the question “¿Qué estás haciendo?” , what are you doing? We’re focusing on the present continuous tense. Please note that lesson 36 of Season 2 was originally known as lesson 236 of Coffee Break…

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Season 2 – Lesson 35 – Coffee Break Spanish

Coming up in this lesson: We’re continuing our soap opera featuring María-José and Andrew and in this week’s episode Andrew needs some help with an assignment for his Spanish class. We’ll also be looking at the imperative – the command form – in this lesson. Please note that lesson 35 of Season 2 was originally…

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Season 2 – Lesson 34 – Coffee Break Spanish

Coming up in this lesson: In lesson 34 we’re continuing our ‘soap opera’. This week María-José is taking her friend to a restaurant, so we’ll be revisiting the language we learned previously in the course. We’ll also take the opportunity to look at the conditional tense or ‘mood’. Please note that lesson 34 of Season…

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You may be interested to know that we have pages for both Coffee Break French and Coffee Break Spanish where you can interact with other fans from around the world. We try to answer any questions posted on the Facebook pages, offer conversation topics to help you practise your language skills, and even offer exclusive…

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