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Introducing Coffee Break Spanish To Go

¿Cuál es la pregunta de hoy? We’ve been asking our beginner and intermediate students what you would find most useful to help you in the earlier stages of the language. While many of you feel that you’re able to say things in the language, the number one difficulty for learners is understanding what native speakers…

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Announcing Coffee Break Italian Season 2

Pronti per un altro caffè? Coffee Break Italian Season 1 finished in the summer, and we get daily emails, tweets and messages asking us when Season 2 is starting… So, we’re delighted to report that your new year resolutions for 2017 can also include improving your Italian! Season 2 begins in January and we’ve been…

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Announcing Coffee Break German Season 2

Lust auf noch mehr Deutsch? We’re delighted to announce that we’ve been working on the long-awaited second season of Coffee Break German. In this season you’ll take your German to the next level, building on what you learned in Season 1. There will be more situations, you’ll learn to talk about the past and the…

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Announcing Coffee Break French Season 5

We’re delighted to announce that Coffee Break French Season 5 is in preparation. We’ve been listening to the feedback on Season 4, and have been working on a fifth season of Coffee Break French. Given that Season 4 already focused on a very high level of French – B2/C1 in the European Framework of Reference…

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Our 10th Birthday Announcements

Join our Founder and CEO Mark Pentleton for our 10th birthday announcements: Coffee Break French Season 5 coming in 2017 Coffee Break German Season 2 launches January 2017 Coffee Break Italian Season 2 launches January 2017 Coffee Break Spanish To Go – new video show launching 7th Nov 2016 Brand new Coffee Break Academy where…

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Join us for some special announcements

Radio Lingua is 10 years old! We’re celebrating this milestone with some special announcements! Join us on Thursday 3rd November at 8:00pm UK time (3:00pm Eastern) for a live broadcast in which we’ll be sharing some highlights of the past 10 years, and looking forward to the next ten! The broadcast will be on the…

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Radio Lingua Update

Update, 20 October 2016 Planned maintenance: in an attempt to avoid further problems with the Radio Lingua website, we’re going to be doing some updates overnight on the site. This is likely to involve around 2 hours of downtime between 12:00 midnight and 8:00am UK time (7pm-3am Eastern). Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Original message, 18 October…

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Radio Lingua Update January 2016

Feliz año nuevo, buon anno,  bonne année und ein frohes neues Jahr to the entire Coffee Break learning community around the world. We hope that 2016 is a happy, healthy and successful year for you, and that you have many opportunities to put your language skills to use over the coming months. We’re delighted to bring you…

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Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale 2015

Save 25% in our Black Friday Sale

This weekend we’re offering a huge 25% discount on all our courses as part of our Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale. This is your chance to sign up for the premium version of our courses and access all the associated bonus materials including transcripts, lesson notes, videos and bonus audio. To take advantage of…

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Celebrating 9 years of Radio Lingua

Nine years ago today we published the first episode of Coffee Break Spanish. Since then we’ve gone on to publish courses in 27 languages, and we’ve delivered over 160 million language lessons to learners around the world. Some of the team have spent this weekend in London at the Language Show where we’ve been meeting thousands of language lovers,…

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Join us at Language Show Live

We’re delighted to be back in London this weekend talking to thousands of language learners and teachers from across the country. We’ll be demoing our products for learners of all ages and we’re delighted to be announcing our brand new resource for younger learners of Spanish, High Five Spanish. One of the best things about the Language Show…

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Upgrading to iOS 9 for Podcasts users

In the past few days Apple has released a major update for iOS and there have been some reports of the Podcasts app crashing on first launch. Since we recommend the Apple Podcasts app as the best way to access both our free and premium podcasts, we would suggest that listeners hold off from updating…

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CBF Question

What’s next for Coffee Break French?

With lesson 39 published last week and lesson 40 due next week, we’re nearing the end of the very popular Coffee Break French Season 4 and it’s almost time to announce our plans for the next content aimed at our advanced learners of French. We’ll not be moving straight on to a fifth season of the…

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Amazing Pållöriöf Research into language acquisition

Here at Radio Lingua we like to keep track of what’s happening in the world of research on language acquisition. Scientists at the University of Pållöriöf in northern Finland have discovered that a rare variety of edible hygrocybe known as the yellow waxcap has been linked to improved language skills. Tests were done on students…

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Membership Emails

New Email System for Members

As we start 2015 we’re introducing a new email system for members. This will allow us to manage our newsletters more effectively and make sure we send only pertinent information to our members. We’ve emailed all our members asking you to confirm your email address and update your details on a form to help us make sure…

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