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Welcome to MyDailyPhrase – Italian

Learn Italian day by day, step by step, phrase by phrase with MyDailyPhrase Italian. Join teacher Mark as he guides you through the basics of Italian in daily podcasts over a course of 20 weeks. The podcasts will cover all the language you need to know to get by on a visit to a Italian-speaking…

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Coffee Break Spanish Premium Membership launches

We have finally launched our Premium Membership edition of Coffee Break Spanish. Listeners can now subscribe to a premium feed which will include the regular Coffee Break Spanish programmes, our innovative review podcasts featuring music and relaxation techniques, and our pdf guides. Find out more on the Premium Membership dashboard.

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Coffee Break Spanish merchandise now available!

Listeners can now purchase original Coffee Break Spanish merchandise in the Radio Lingua Store. Items include various ranges of t-shirts and other clothing featuring Spanish language slogans and the Coffee Break Spanish logo. We also have a range of gift items including the very useful Coffee Break Spanish clock which will help you to tell…

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Launch of Coffee Break Spanish

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new podcast, Coffee Break Spanish, aimed at listeners who want to acquire some basic Spanish, but who have very little time to spend learning. By subscribing to Coffee Break Spanish, listeners will receive weekly 15-minute programmes introducing them to basic Spanish and equipping them with enough…

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