Lust auf noch mehr Deutsch?

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve been working on the long-awaited second season of Coffee Break German. In this season you’ll take your German to the next level, building on what you learned in Season 1. There will be more situations, you’ll learn to talk about the past and the future, you’ll learn more about how the German language works, and you’ll also learn some tricks to help you avoid the most difficult aspects of German grammar. We’ll also be looking more at Austrian, Swiss and German culture with the help of Julia.

So, when will CBG2 be available? We’re launching the new season in January 2017, so you can start planning your new year’s resolutions to include improving your German! There will be more information coming soon, and we’ll be introducing our new CBG teacher next month. For now, click here and fill in your details to be notified as soon as we know the launch date – and you may even get access to a sneak preview!

    4 replies to "Announcing Coffee Break German Season 2"

    • SG

      Waiting for season 2 more than a year!!!

    • Soumaya

      Me too! Can’t wait to discover season 2!

    • Vaibhav

      Any update regarding launching of CBG2.

    • Dan

      Hello. It’s the last day of January–has season 2 been delayed?

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