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Mark and Pierre-Benoît are back with another episode of our advanced French course. In this episode we’re focusing on the latest email from Sylvie in which she updates her mother on her date with Matthieu. As usual the episode is rich in interesting grammar points and idiomatic expressions and our two hosts are on hand to discuss the language used and to help listeners understand the content. Expressions in this episode include il devait y avoir, être désolé de + infinitive and the placement of adjectives in phrases such as il a de grands yeux bleus vraiment magnifiques.

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  • Transcripts and notes: since so much French is used in this season’s recordings, we’ve decided to include a full transcript of both the main audio lesson and the Language Study lesson. We’ve included vocabulary and language notes to help you master the language more effectively.

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    5 replies to "Season 4 – Episode 34 – Coffee Break French"

    • Allan

      Really enjoyed the banter and discussion between Mark and Pierre-Benoit at the start of this program. Unlike trying to listen to French radio it was clear, at not too bad a pace and a reasonable level of language to be understood.
      That’s not to say that the rest of the program is not good. On the contrary. But it was a bit more like the conversations I find myself in.
      Many thanks and keep up the excellent work

    • Janette Howard

      Help! I usually access episodes manually via the tables of files on your website.
      However the subscription material for episode 34 hasn’t appeared there yet. I’m desperate for my fortnightly fix!!
      Merci d’avance
      Jan H

      • radiolingua radiolingua

        Apologies for the delay – we slipped up and forgot to update the members’ page. It has been updated now.

    • Géraldine Martin

      Félicitations à Pierre Benoit il chante si bien, pendant un moment je pensais qu’il était Elton John. Pourquoi ne pas commencer la leçon avec une chanson française de temps en temps, avec Pierre Benoit la chante bien sûr.
      Je profite bien de CBF, il m’a aidé énormément.

      Bonne continuation

      Géraldine Martin

    • Martin Labarthe

      Felicitacion a Pierre Benoit, great voice, great humor, great teacher, and of course mark magnifico as usual.

      I noticed that I had a smile on my face during all the conversations. Thanks.

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