iTunes 11.1 Problem – Solution

Posted on October 6, 2013

We recently highlighted a problem which some users had experienced after upgrading to iTunes 11.1. This new version of iTunes deals differently with podcasts, and many of our members use iTunes to manage their podcasts, so it has had a significant effect on part of our community. We’ve been trying to come up with various workarounds over the past few weeks, and with the launch of the updated iTunes 11.1.1 in the past few days we’re pleased to offer a video which should help you access the content. The video can be seen below, and our step-by-step instructions are listed too in case anyone has any problems with the video.

Step-by-step solution

  1. If you’ve been having problems where iTunes crashes when trying to access your Radio Lingua members’ podcasts, you’ll need to start by deleting the feeds which are causing the problems. Note that this may delete existing content in your library. You have the option of keeping the files on your hard disk, so please choose whichever option suits you best: if you have a slow internet connection you may want to avoid having to download all the files again. To delete the feed, quit from iTunes, disconnect from your network and then launch iTunes again.
  2. Choose the My Podcasts tab and select the podcast feed in iTunes. Right-click or control-click on the feed and select “delete” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Now connect to your network again.
  4. Go to the appropriate product page and click on the right feed for your product. This feed will open in iTunes again and you’ll be asked for your username and password.
  5. Note that we’ve updated all the feeds to request username and passwords for - not our older media server – so if you’re asked for you’re not using the correct feed!
  6. iTunes has changed the way in which podcasts are organised, so you’ll need to click the Old Episodes button in My Podcasts view in order to see the entire list of files.
  7. Add whichever files you need!

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9 Responses to “iTunes 11.1 Problem – Solution”

  1. Ian Mayman
    Oct 06, 2013

    Anyone subscribing to podcasts regularly should use podcast app whose developer does not consider the app as a bolt-on, but is core to their business. I recommend Downcast which is available on iOS and Mac.

    • radiolingua
      Oct 06, 2013

      We have spoken about Downcast before – we previously suggested this as a solution for iOS in another video but as you’ll see from the comments there, some users also had problems with Downcast. We’ve actually found that the iOS Podcasts app is an effective solution. We’re going to be putting together a video featuring Podcasts soon.

  2. Dorothy Jenrette
    Oct 14, 2013

    Your tutorial was very helpful. I got as far as deleting my old podcasts and adding the new ones with the one-click method. However, when trying to download the individual podcasts, iTunes got stuck in the “authentication required” loop again. It did not recognize my password (which I verified was correct in my control panel).

  3. Dorothy Jenrette
    Oct 14, 2013

    Disregard! I’ve solved the problem.

  4. Elizabeth
    Nov 01, 2013

    Dorothy, can you share your solution? I was able to delete all of my podcasts and re-add CBF Level 1 with no issue, but attempting to re-add Level 2A takes me right back to the “password incorrect” loop.

  5. Elizabeth
    Nov 02, 2013

    After deleting all of my CBF podcasts, I’ve found that Level 1 and Level 2B load correctly. Attempting to reload Level 2A continues to bring me back to the eternal password loop. Help!

  6. Elizabeth
    Nov 02, 2013

    …and I see that my password box says “” which suggests I’m using the incorrect (old) feed. But I’m clicking on the “one-click” access button which is the only feed available?

  7. Dorothy Jenrette
    Nov 06, 2013

    I have found that it pre-loads my email address in the username field which is not the username that I chose. So, I need to change that before entering my password.

  8. Elizabeth
    Nov 09, 2013

    Thanks for the info Dorothy! My issue ended up being something different, but thankfully Derek has me sorted now:)

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