In the past week Apple has updated iTunes to version 11.1 and with this update they have changed the way podcast subscriptions work. In addition to syncing subscriptions across devices via iCloud, iTunes version 11.1 also introduces a new way of managing podcasts. We’re still discovering exactly what that means for the Radio Lingua community, and we’ve had a number of emails from listeners who have been experiencing problems.

Firstly, we’d like to make it clear that the problems are resulting from the changes made by Apple. There are many discussions around the web at the moment about the problems, including on the iTunes Support pages, here and here. The expectation is that Apple will soon update version 11.1 and the initial problems experienced by so many users will be solved. We will, of course, provide updates on that here in this post.

Our advice on upgrading

We would strongly suggest that for the time being you DO NOT upgrade to iTunes version 11.1 – we would expect further updates in the next few weeks from Apple which will hopefully address these issues.

If you’re already upgraded…

If you have already upgraded to iTunes 11.1 then you may already be experiencing some problems. One particular problem relating to the new version involves podcasts which require authentication, and this affects our premium subscribers. Some listeners have reported crashes when iTunes is open on the “My Podcasts” tab. Your username and password are requested, but the correct username and password are not being accepted by iTunes.

One temporary solution to this problem is as follows:

  • Force-quit iTunes if necessary;
  • Disconnect from your network (e.g. by switching off your wifi connection);
  • Relaunch iTunes;
  • Move away from the My Podcasts tab by selecting a different tab or different area of iTunes;
  • Reconnect to your network.

We hope that this helps you get back to using iTunes.

Does this affect me if I use Podcasts app on iOS?

As far as we can tell in our tests, no. If you’re subscribed to our premium feeds through the iOS Podcasts app, or indeed any other podcast aggregator, you should be able to continue to use the shows as normal.

Where now?

There are undoubtedly outstanding issues which must be addressed by Apple and which we would expect to be fixed in iTunes 11.2 which will hopefully be released very soon. Of course we understand that it is frustrating if you can’t access our content, whether it is the free materials we’ve been providing for years, or whether you’re trying to access materials you’ve purchased. We will continue to monitor the situation carefully and will update this post as soon as we have more information.

In the meantime, thank you for your patience and we hope that your language learning isn’t affected too much by these problems.

    3 replies to "iTunes 11.1 Problems"

    • radiolingua

      Here’s another useful discussion which may help to explain the ways in which iTunes has changed in terms of how podcasts are managed:

    • Waldo

      My iTunes does not even open when I clic om the app icon, it crashs and closes. Help!

    • sue porter

      As soon as itunes opens up, all options are greyed out, so I cannot clic to download anything. I have itunes 10 on a power mac OS x 10.5.8. this computer will not link to the cloud, so I can’t link it to my ipad mini. I would like to play the lessons on my ipod nano so that I can listen as I walk around.

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