kindle-cbsEarlier this year we launched part of the Coffee Break Spanish course for Kindle as a pilot. We’re delighted to announce that the Coffee Break Spanish and Coffee Break French courses will be available in full on Kindle on 15th August 2012. We’ve produced Kindle versions of all the lesson guides and each course is being made available in sixteen volumes with five lessons per volume. Each volume will cost just $4.99 USD (currently £3.11 in the UK Kindle Store and €3.50 in the EU stores). As an introductory offer the first volume will be just $2.99 USD (£1.86 / €2.60).

Please visit Radio Lingua at, or to find out more about our Kindle editions currently available. The full series will be released on 15th August. It is worth pointing out that due to the limitations of the Kindle, these ebooks do not include embedded audio clips: they are Kindle versions of the lesson guides which you can use to read the notes which accompany each lesson. There is also the possibility of using the Kindle Experimental software to listen to the audio file on your device while reading the book. This is explained in greater detail in each Kindle book.

Update: 15th August

We had hoped that everything would go according to plan with this but unfortunately Amazon are holding up the process. All the books are ready to be activated but we are just waiting on confirmation from Amazon that the final steps have been completed. We’ll update you again as soon as we have news from Amazon.

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    • Pat Lyes-Wilsdon

      Great news – thank you! Any plans to do Show Time Spanish and/or CBF level 3 on Kindle eventually? I’ll wait in hope.

    • suzanne charles

      I emailed all my cbs files and lesson guides to my Kindle a few months ago, for free. Is this something different? I have to adjust the rotation and darkness settings, but otherwise I think they may be the same?
      Can i just say thanks for the lessons, I have bought the full Platignum 80 lessons, and they have helped me so much now that I visit Spain regularly. I just wish the Spanish would talk more slowly!

      • Radio Lingua

        They are slightly different in that we have reformatted all the guides and updated them in a Kindle format, making them easier to read on the Kindle etc. Glad you’ve enjoyed the lessons!

    • Juliana


      When you say “each volume”, you mean how many episodes per volume?

      Kind Regards!

      • Radio Lingua

        Each volume will include 5 lessons, so there are 16 volumes in total.

    • june

      Hi:) Is summer sale over?
      Did I just miss it?
      Is there any chance to get a discount?
      I am planing to study coffee break season 3.

    • Sandra Humphries

      Do the prices include VAT or is that extra?

    • Keith Dearborn

      I purchasedsession 4 for$105 #.How do I download it to my Kindle? I have 12 & 3 buthaveforgottenhow I Got them.Thanks.

      • radiolingua

        Hi Keith. You need to connect your Kindle to your computer then transfer over the pdfs to the device. Hope that helps.

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