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After a slight delay we’re back with another episode of Coffee Break French with more translation challenges to help you test your knowledge of the materials covered in Season 3.

Please note that lesson 37 of Season 3 was originally known as lesson 337 of Coffee Break French. We have renumbered the lessons of each season as lessons 1-40 to make things more simple for our listeners.

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    3 replies to "Season 3 – Lesson 37 – Coffee Break French"

    • Janice Cooper

      Am wondering about the video Mark mentioned in the intro to this lesson — something about additional bonus materials for subscribers. I’ve poked around on the site, but haven’t seen any sign of it yet…

      • radiolingua

        Janice, we have a huge amount of members’ materials all linked to the Coffee Break French course. With the current season of Coffee Break French premium members get access to a special extended version of each lesson. For lesson 337 the free lesson is 12 minutes long with 5 statements to translate from English into French. The members’ version is over 35 minutes long with 10 statements to translate and a dictation exercise too. These extended versions come with lesson notes in pdf and epub format which can be read on most tablet devices or computers. Here’s the purchase link for Season 3 materials. For the earlier lessons we offer enhanced podcasts which have visual material so that you can see the words and phrases on the screen, along with pdf lesson guides. Find out more about purchasing season 1 and 2 here. Hope this helps.

    • Janice Cooper

      Thanks, Mark — I subscribed to Season Three of CBF when it first came out. At the end of Lesson 37, you say that there will be information coming “this week” (now last week) about what’s coming next for CBF learners, some extra materials to follow the season, as well as a video you recorded in Paris to explain it all. These are the things I was hoping to track down.

      I am a devoted listener/learner and am hoping that there are exciting things ahead for us. Many thanks for all you do. — Janice

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