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Lesson 328 – Coffee Break French

Lesson 28 of season 3 offers an analysis of the second part of Katie’s latest text. As usual, we’ll be covering a range of expressions and grammar points. The free version of this lesson includes the recording of Katie’s text along with explanations of the language she uses to help you understand the text. In…

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Lesson 327 – Coffee Break French

In the long-awaited return to Coffee Break French we spend episode 27 of season 3 looking at the first part of Katie’s latest text in which she updates us on what’s she’s been getting up to in Nice. In this episode we’ll be looking at a variety of grammatical topics including the relative pronouns ce…

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Coffee Break French Update

Salut tout le monde! This is a long overdue update on our Coffee Break French programming. As you will know, Radio Lingua is a small company and over the summer our personal and business travel commitments changed unexpectedly, slowing down the CBF production process. We’re now back “at our desks” and we’re catching up with…

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Lesson 320 – Coffee Break Spanish

Coming up in this lesson: Episode 20 features the fourth installment of our ‘telenovela’, Verano Español. Find out the latest about the life of Laura and her mother as they spend the summer in Spain en la casa de tía Julia. Will Laura find out a little more about the mystery customer in the panadería?…

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Lesson 319 – Coffee Break Spanish

Coming up in this lesson: In this week’s episode, Mark and Alba discuss some useful techniques for learning languages and share their ideas and advice with listeners. In the intermedio Alba talks about the northern Spanish city of Bilbao, and José introduces a construction which involves lo + adjective. Grammar points covered include the construction siempre que…

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Lesson 318 – Coffee Break Spanish

Coming up in this lesson: In episode 18 of Show Time Spanish, Mark and Alba talk about the advantages and disadvantages of buying things online, and share their experiences both positive and negative. In this week’s intermedio, Alba presents the city of Granada in the south of Spain, and José talks about ways to describe…

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Lesson 317 – Coffee Break Spanish

Coming up in this lesson: This episode is dedicated to all fans of the imperfect subjunctive… and to those of you who are terrified of it! After listening to Mark and Alba’s discussion about all things hypothetical, you’ll be 100% confident in using the Spanish imperfect subjunctive. In addition, Alba talks about her favourite parts…

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