Today we’ll learn the words for some common foods in Italian. Listen to today’s show here:


Today’s words and phrases:

un tramezzino (m) – “a sandwich”
un panino (m) – “a sandwich” (more common word for sandwich)
un’insalata (f) – “a salad”
il prosciutto (m) – “(the) ham”
il formaggio (m) – “(the) cheese”
il pollo (m) – “(the) chicken”
il pesce (m) – “(the) fish”

Each of today’s words are given with the appropriate word for “a” or “the”, and we’ve listed if words are masculine (m) or feminine (f). It’s always useful to learn whether words are masculine or feminine when you learn new vocabulary. Remember that by following @learnitalian on Twitter, you can learn Italian in 140-character lessons linked to these audio programmes.

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