CBF 1 - 40

Season 1 – Lesson 40 – Coffee Break French

Coming up in this lesson:

Lesson 40, the last episode of Season 1, is based on another conversation we recorded on the beach in Sainte-Marie.

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  • Emma

    Reply Reply January 3, 2015

    There’s one section I just can’t quite make out. After Mark’s friend tells him the two words he knows in Breton, Mark asks him what they mean. He says something that sounds like “et ça viere quoi?” or “et savierre quoi?” What’s the word/words between “et” and “quoi”? I’ve been stumped for ages. The friend says it too a moment later, when he’s explaining that “yec’hed mat” means “santé” or “cheers.”

    • Marco

      Reply Reply January 4, 2015

      Emma, are you also in this episode? Me too. Enchante¡ J’adore CBF. Hugs¡

      • Emma

        January 5, 2015

        I am! And I just figured out what the phrase is. It’s “Et ça veut dire quoi?” which translates to “And what does that mean?” Literally, “And that wants to say what?”


    Reply Reply May 16, 2017

    I am having trouble accessing the information on the premimium tools. I click to get the info, but the webpage never loads. Any suggestions on how to sign up for a premimium account?

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