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In lesson 39, we have a special dialogue for you. We’ll be listening to a conversation recorded on the beach in Sainte-Marie where Anna talked with a French family.

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    11 replies to "Season 1 – Lesson 39 – Coffee Break French"

    • Julian

      it says file not found!

    • Roz

      I seem to be struggling with some of the french now as it is getting more difficult, when there is a tricky french word or phrase I think it would be helpful if you spelt it out because sometimes it is difficult to pick it up..just thought it would be helpful

    • anwar

      merci beaucoup

    • Sue

      A lovely change, thank you. It was good to be able to try and work out what was being said – but to have you tell us exactly what was said, a difference in places! Many thanks, Mark. Merci Beaucoup.

    • Madelyn

      We have to go = “il faut…confiel”?
      wish you would have spelled that one out for us!

      • Emma

        Madelyn, I think the “il faut…confiel” is actually “il faut comme fin” or “il faut comme fin-la.” Literally, it must be (the) end. The colloquial translation, I think, is something like “it’s late” or “we must end it.”

        • radiolingua radiolingua

          What we’re actually saying is “il faut qu’on file” – “we need to go” or “it’s necessary that we go”. Hope that helps.

    • Zeb

      I can’t believe nobody is mentioning how “super mignon” these kids are! This episode was truly something special; very well done.

    • Mary

      I was wondering how the younger sister’s name is spelled in French. It sounds vaguely like the French word “horreur,” which of course means HORROR, but I can’t believe anyone would give their child such a prénom.

      • radiolingua radiolingua

        Sorry for the slow reply. The name is Aurore. Hope that helps!

    • Kerry Losi

      It’s a common french name, Aurore.

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