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In episode 37, Mark is asking the hotel receptionist for some information. Listen to the dialogue and the breakdown of the conversation in order to learn new vocabulary and constructions as well as using what you already know to work out what they are saying.

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    8 replies to "Season 1 – Lesson 37 – Coffee Break French"

    • Roz

      I am struggling to understand the french in this episode for a little piece of information as information translates as d’information

    • Roz

      I am struggling to understand the french in this episode for a little piece of information as information translates as d’information and you are saying something very different to this word, can you help

    • Samantha

      What is the word Mark uses for “however” when he says “I do, however, need some information”? It sounds like “j’ai comeme besoin d’un petit renseignements”… but comeme is not a word, I think. The only words I have found for “however” and its synonyms are “cependant, après tout, néanmoins, pour autant, pourtant, seulement, Tout de même, toutefois”.

    • Samantha

      Roz, the word he is using for information is “renseignements”… a little bit of information, “d’un petit renseignements”.

    • Samantha

      For anyone else who stumbles across these comments, I have found the answer. The phrase he uses is “quand même”, which translates as “anyway, still, nevertheless, etc”.

    • Sue

      Phew! Not an easy one, but enjoyable for the challenge for sure. Thank you Mark, thanks also to Samantha for the quand meme translation.


    • Donna

      Hi thanks for the lesson. Can you tell me what pard’quoi means. the receptionist says it before saying bonjournée. many thanks

      • Irina

        “Il n’y a pas de quoi” that means “You’re welcome”

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