Season 1 – Lesson 32 – Coffee Break French

Coming up in this lesson:

Join Mark in this week’s episode as he arrives at Nantes Airport and asks for directions to get to Sainte-Marie. This gives you the chance to practice listening to French conversation and learn some new language at the same time.

Accessing the Premium Version

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The premium version of Coffee Break French Season 1 provides additional materials which will help you move forward more effectively with your French studies. The premium version includes the following elements:

  • Synchronised flashcards: the audio episode with synchronised flashcards – works in most Podcast applications, on iTunes and in QuickTime Player;
  • Lesson notes: detailed explanations of the vocabulary and any grammar points covered in each lesson;
  • Bonus audio lesson: providing further practice of the language covered in a variety of ways

The members’ version can be accessed through our membership system. You can purchase the course using the links below.


  • Ray

    Reply Reply August 14, 2008

    Very good content!
    Thoroughly and clearly explained.
    J’ai appendre beaucoup de Francais avec Coffee Break French!

  • Alawi

    Reply Reply March 3, 2010

    I like too much Caffee Break French. It is very interesting and effective. I would like to have the whole transcript from 1 to 73 lessons.

    With kind regards,

    Dr. Alawi

  • Alawi

    Reply Reply March 3, 2010

    Where I can get the transcript of whole lessons ( 1-73).



  • Roz

    Reply Reply October 27, 2010

    I am really enjoying these lessons, I wish I had found these earlier, I have had all sorts of different ways of learning French e;g Linguaphone, Readers digest and Michel Thomas, all very good in their own way but coffee break French is teaching me to construct sentences and breaks each sentence down and explains it fully…. i am becoming obsessed with listening and learning.

  • Kerry Losi

    Reply Reply March 31, 2016

    Merci beaucoup Mark. J’adore le Coffee Break French.

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