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In Lesson 10 you’ll join Mark and Anna for some Festive French Fun!

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    14 replies to "Season 1 – Lesson 10 – Coffee Break French"

    • ramesh bhatia

      Bravo Anna and Mark.Excellent

    • anwar

      thank you very very very much . It was amazing.Marak,Anna, I wish you a beatiful life.

    • Yvette

      j’adore cet épisode. Merci beaucoup, Mark et Anna! Maintenant, je peux chanter “Jingle Bells” en francais! Vive le Vent, Vive le vent, vive le vent d’hiver ….. 🙂

    • felisa

      oh i love u mark haha that was sung sooo cutely ;-]

    • ShayLa

      If you are responding to a negative question, you respond with si not oui, Anna. Par exemple: tu n’aime pas quelque chose…. repondu: Si, j’aime ……

    • ken

      c’est genial

    • anton

      que bien.,…… Im just starting learning this beautiful languages. Je suis anton, j’ai habit a Indonèsie…. bonjour

    • Ghazal

      c’est genial, je peux chanter la music “Vive le Vent” , je suis très heureuse 🙂

      • shapoor

        merci Mark n Anna. tres bien.I enjoied 2much.

    • yeonsoo

      Fantastic! I’ve been learning two forigne languages but never met a teacher like Mark and Anna before! You make me fall in love with French! Bravissimi!!!

    • Oliana

      Danke sehr! I like these lessons very much.

    • Tareq

      both of you are great 🙂

    • juneabc

      Soon, our first trip to Parreeeee! Wheee! and your site was recommended by my American friend (had lived in Paris for 15 years). I will practice daily. My Glaswegian mother spoke, read and wrote perfect French(Scots and French connection)which I always found so fun to hear! Thank you.

    • Fabricio Carvalho

      wow, always surprise me… great class. thanks!

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