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In Lesson 07 you’ll learn to talk about your job.

Accessing the Premium Version

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The premium version of Coffee Break French Season 1 provides additional materials which will help you move forward more effectively with your French studies. The premium version includes the following elements:

  • Synchronised flashcards: the audio episode with synchronised flashcards – works in most Podcast applications, on iTunes and in QuickTime Player;
  • Lesson notes: detailed explanations of the vocabulary and any grammar points covered in each lesson;
  • Bonus audio lesson: providing further practice of the language covered in a variety of ways

The members’ version can be accessed through our membership system. You can purchase the course using the links below.

    10 replies to "Season 1 – Lesson 07 – Coffee Break French"

    • ramesh bhatia

      Just excellent way of teaching French. Anna is tooooo good and sound so innocent like a baby girl.She is sooooo adorable. keep up like this.
      Mark is just great too. There is NO #1 or #2. Both are #1.
      Thanks a lot

      • Andrea

        Grown women sounding like babies is not appealing. I think she sounds just fine, she’s a student and not brimming with confidence therefore. Love the podcast but not your comment.

    • Double

      just found this program is so great! it helps me build my confidence in learning french! i’ve been looking for a tool focusing on pronouncation and speaking practice. now i found one : )
      thanx a lot for producing this program. it saves me!

    • lorraine

      Someone recommended this site to me and I am thoroughly enjoying it, thank you so much.

    • Paulina

      I have just found this Podcast, it is the best one of all I bumped into when looking for french lessons, and the reason I chose to install all the lessons following a very good “proffessor” Mark and a very good “estudiant” Anna, ” je suis mexican”, I will keep enjoying it, please let me know where I can find more pronounciations like “architect” “developer” and “constructor”, MERCI!! 🙂

    • Bryan

      This is a terrific way of learning this beautiful language. It would be nice if somehow the spelling of the words could be shown.

    • shapoor

      very usefull.merci

    • jim

      I’m french and I would like to glad Anna for her great french accent (sometimes even better than her professor!)

    • Wendy Devonshire

      Why can’t I access free coffeebreak French as I used to be able to do?

      • radiolingua

        We had a problem earlier today which meant the podcast players were not showing on the site. This has now been rectified. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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